A Big Beauty Declutter; What I'm Getting Rid Of & why


You know how I’ve been harping on about how much I love decluttering? Well, I finally did the declutter that I’ve been putting off for the longest time and that was my beauty stash. I know I hold onto products for far too long because I get so attached to them and then when they’re PR samples I get worried that I seem ungrateful if I pass them along to somebody else. But what is the point of holding onto something I’m no longer using? There isn’t, so here is probably the biggest, most ruthless declutter I have ever done. And don’t worry, this post isn’t going to take you hours to read, I’m going to keep it short and snappy (as possible)…


EBORIAN CC CRÉME* : This is one of my most loved CC creams as typically I don’t rate them highly and prefer a foundation instead. For a long time I used this underneath any other base I was using almost like a primer but I’ve not picked it up for a good while. It’s expensive for what it is and you could most definitely find something cheaper but it’s a wonderful product and offers up a really decent amount of coverage which is rare for such a lightweight base.


MAKE UP FOR EVER WATER BLEND FOUNDATION*: In general, I prefer fuller coverage bases but I do like to have something lighter in my collection for when the time calls. I love this base as it’s so great through the transitional seasons when your skin doesn't quite know what's going on but I’ve not reached for it such a long time that it’s going to waste and liquid base products never keep for that long sadly.

CLARINS CUSHION FOUNDATION*: Something that I’ve learned is that even though cushion foundations have brilliant formulations I rarely reach for them because I don’t love the packaging. On the go, they’re ideal and I’ve kept these in my collection for that reason but honestly, I barely travel so it needs to move on.

VICHY DERMABLEND POWDER*: I’ve got a few powders that are quite similar to this already, even though it’s absolutely brilliant for adding coverage and mattifying the skin just enough. I don’t think I’m going to get round to it anytime soon, the liquid version of this foundation is also fantastic and something I’ve kept around for when my skin is looking really terrible.

S&G ONE HECK OF A BLOT*: Powder is always a product that I’ve loved. But something that is very important in the powders that I use is that I tend to prefer them if they have a little bit of coverage in them rather than just being mattifying. This powder is great for taking away shine but personally, I like the option of more coverage.

BEAUTY PIE ONE POWDER WONDER*: This is in the rehome bag for the same reason as the S&G one. An absolutely fantastic powder for taking away shine and keeping makeup in place but doesn’t offer up any additional coverage.


TARTE BLUSHING BRIDE BLUSH: Berry toned blushes used to my thing and I still have a soft spot for them now but they’re rarely something I find myself wanting to wear so I’m saying goodbye to this stunning shade. Tarte blushes are some of my absolute favourite out there, they’re one of the best formulations around and I can’t resist the colour co-ordinated packaging!


CIATÉ GLOW-TO HIGHLIGHTER IN MOONDUST*: Highlighters are something that I’ve well and truly fallen back in love with and this product from Ciate is absolutely beautiful, it’s a stunning pearlescent pink that screams princess to me. And whilst I really love the formulation and it looks beautiful on the skin I don’t find myself picking it up as much as slightly more understated simple options in my collection. If you like your highlight to really pack a punch then I suggest checking it out.


LANCÔME INFINITE EYE SHADOW: I’m pretty sure these shadows aren’t even made anymore and the shade I have is a simple vanilla bone shade that is very useful to have around for a number of things. However, single pot eyeshadows just aren’t something I find myself wanting anymore as I’d prefer a palette to have more options and if I want to I can create a multi-dimensional look as well as have an option for my brows.


YSL BROW COUTURE MARKER* : Brows are never going to be something I’m all that into and this product is definitely made for a strong brow. All I want is for my brows to have slightly more definition and look soft and fluffy and I know there are much better products for that in my stash for that purpose.

PIXI BOTTOM LASH MASCARA*: A few years ago bottom lash mascaras were all the rage but they were never something that sparked my interest that much. And for a long time I didn’t even bother with mascara on my bottom lashes, anyway I just don’t feel the need for the extra step. I have no issue getting to my lashes with the mascara that I use but that being said my lashes are quite long so I imagine if yours are quite short then a tiny little brush like this has could come in handy.

S&G ARCHERY BROW PENCIL: Typically I use a powder and a brush for my brows as that’s what I find to be the most effective and what I get the best finish with. I find pencils can be a little fiddly and I’ve not quite got the skill to create the perfect brow (for me). What I do love about this pencil is that it does come with a spoolie which is an absolute must for any brow product. If you’ve got the skill then these are lovely pencils, soft enough to create stroke like hairs but aren’t so soft that they snap within one use.

CHARLOTTE TILBURY ROCK N KOHL EYELINER PENCIL*: Having an eyeliner in my stash did come in handy for a few occasions but in general I never, ever wear liner. I’m pretty sure my many years of wearing it as a teenager have scared me for life and my lids have only just recovered. A simple kohl liner is not something I would say anybody needs to splurge on as you can pick up a good one for a couple of pounds from Rimmel.


FRESH SUGAR LIP BALM IN BERRY: Again, much like the Blushing Bride blush berry tones aren’t something I find myself reaching for a lot anymore. And I absolutely adore the Fresh balms, this was my first one so it will always hold a special place in my heart but realistically it’s going off and has to go. It’s a great one for dark lip lovers as you can either dab it on as more of a tint or swipe on for a more opaque finish.


PERRICONE MD NO LIPGLOSS LIPGLOSS*: As glosses go this one is wonderful, it’s not sticky or tacky and the colour is very much a natural shade on the lips which makes it easy to swipe on. If you are too a traditional gloss hater but like a little bit of a sheen to the lips then this is for you, Perricone products, in general, are absolutely lovely!


SMITHS ROSEBUD SALVE: I’ve used these balms before and absolutely love them but for some reason, I just never got round to using this, it’s completely untouched which is a glorious sight I must say. But clearly, it needs to go to a new home as there are so many more balms in my collection that need using up.

CLARINS CRAYON LIP BALM*: When these were released they were such a big hit in the blogging world even though they were a limited edition release. Has anybody else still got these knocking around? It’s a shame they were limited as they were a great lazy girl lip product, a simple balm with a good amount of pigment. Sadly I’ve not got quite to the end of mine and it’s gone off.

REVLON COLOURBURST MATTE STAIN*: Another big hit in the blogging world were these products from Revlon. And I still think they are absolutely fantastic. They were my go to when I wanted a bold but easy lip as that’s exactly what these are. The shade Sultry kick-started my love for the dusky rose shades and if I ever get the urge for a darker lip again I’ll go right back out and purchase this. Sadly it’s another one that’s gone off.

CLINIQUE PLUM POP*: When I worked on the campaign for this products release I was sent the entire range but Plum Pop was one of my favourites, like I said berry tones were my jam. Nowadays not so much though and even though I still absolutely adore the formulation (colour and primer in one, yes please) there are probably other shades I would reach for instead, Nude Pop was always a great neutral.

YSL MATTE STAIN*: If you are a regular of my beauty posts then you will know that matte lips just aren’t my thing. I’m a very low maintenance lip product girl so something that is going to stick to any dry patches or require regular check in’s just isn’t for me. One thing that I cannot deny is that YSL really do have the dreamiest packaging though, the gold accents really do make my materialistic heart flutter.

CLARINS ROUGE ELCAT LIPSTICK*: I’ve used this lipstick a lot but as I slowly fell out of love with lip products, in general, this one got kicked to the curb in favour of tinted balms. And even though this isn’t that far away from those balms in terms of formulation it's still not quite as easy to throw on. Sadly another one that has gone off too. Something that this clearout has taught me is some products go off way sooner than others although they were purchased at a similar time and have the same shelf-life which is interesting.



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