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A few years ago I set myself this rule of not consuming an insane amount of content and concentrating on my stuff first as I’m all too easily swayed by what other people are doing. But there have been so many amazing things online lately [and off] that I wanted to share them with you today.

blog posts


Sade’s blog is one of the best out there and even though she recently took a break from posting (I was worried she might not ever return) I’m so happy to see her come back. Her latest post on everything she’s learned in twenty-six years is an absolutely brilliant read, filled with important life lessons as well as a few fun ones that we can all relate to. What I love about Sade is that she is everything that I adore about the blogging world, she still works with brands and does sponsored content but she does it in the most wonderful way. I highly recommend giving her blog a read and her Instagram a follow too!


Something new from the wonderful Liv Purvis has been released and I don’t want to spoil it so go over and give this post a read. I think it’s just what the blogging world needs right now.


Another online human who makes me feel warm fuzzy things for internet times that are no more is Michelle over at Daisybutter. I always look forward to her Sunday post as she not only shares everything that she’s been up to but also awesome links from around the web. I think all too often bloggers can deem this content as too simple but this is the type of post that I absolutely love to catch up as I feel like I’m talking to a friend. Michelle also created a lovely post about having a fresh start this September, it seems I’m not alone with my love for September and the fresh start it can bring.

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tv shows


dark tourist - netflix

I’d been recommended to watch this show so many times and never been quite sure until now. On the surface, it sounds like it’s right up my street but then whenever I went to put it on I changed my mind. Anyway, I finally decided to give it a go ( I skipped the first episode as Pablo Escobar isn’t of interest to me). If you like Louis Theroux and that style of documentary then you will more than likely enjoy this. It’s presented by David Farrier and he ventures around the country exploring the world of dark tourism. A few of the episodes weren’t of interest to me but some are absolutely fascinating and cover things that I’ve never really seen before. Even though some of the topics are a little gritty it’s still lighthearted and enjoyable and definitely worth the watch if you’ve not delved into the world of Dark Tourism already.


the great british bake off - Channel 4 & Netflix

I’m always absolutely thrilled to see Bake Off back on my screen and this year is no different. And even though initially I was dubious whether it would be done justice with the move over to Channel 4 it’s still got that Bake Off charm. Dare I even say that there are some things that I prefer? The contestants seem more loving and willing to help each other now which is so nice to see. This season has kicked off incredibly, those selfie biscuits were just too much and cake week always has to be my favourite. If you’ve never watched it before, although unlikely at this point then it’s a baking show with I believe 10 contestants in the beginning and each week someone is knocked out. They have different baking challenges to face and each season brings something new. The older seasons are on Netflix too, it’s ideal binge watching material, just make sure you’ve got a baked good to hand…


There are a select few podcasts that I listen to every single week when they’ve got a new episode out and they are…


what have you loved online lately?

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