7 Awesome Sunday Activities

As I'm never going to be picking up a camera and documenting my day anytime soon. Sharing what I get up to on a daily basis isn't something that I get the chance to do that often. Sundays are always my favourite day of the week, I'm not sure what it is about them but it's always just the best day. Typically I have a mixture of a working day, a few beauty routines and doing a few things that I love and I'm unashamedly nosey and of course, want to know your favourite things to do on a Sunday.



Typically I like to watch things in the morning whether it be a YouTube video or whatever tv series I'm watching but something I love to do on a Sunday is read in bed. It's without fail my favourite time of day to read as so often when it comes to reading in the evening or right before bed I can fall asleep so quickly. Because I'm an early bird and wake up before the sun has come up there is something so peaceful in reading tucked up in warm bedsheets and the room filling with light that makes it the perfect Sunday morning activity.


I'll always do odd beauty bits throughout the week but on a Sunday is when I like to do all my favourites bits of beauty maintenance. So things like washing my hair, using a few face masks, shaving my legs, painting my nails, washing my makeup brushes and rotating my beauty products for the week ahead. These things not only make me feel awesome but they make me feel ready to take on the week ahead of me. So often beauty routines and regimes are made out to be superficial but the way that they can make you feel on the inside aren't something to be sniffed at.



If there is ever a day for pancakes it's on a Sunday, infact if I could I think I could happily eat all types of breakfast foods throughout the day. And there are so many types of pancakes that you can make and here are a couple of my all time favourites;


Ever since I was a child it was a family tradition to either go to a car boot sale on a Sunday and then go for a walk. As a stroppy teenager, I couldn't stand it naturally because hello, I needed to listen to Taking Back Sunday and sit on MySpace all day. But now as an adult, it's something I absolutely adore and will always make time for weather permitting of course. Getting out and away from my phone and laptop into the fresh air is something I really crave and treasure because it puts things into perspective which is something that we probably all need from time to time.


I'm pretty obsessed with planning, it's something that I do on a daily basis and for all aspects of life. But on Sunday is my big planning day, I plan what I want to achieve for the entire week and then plan whatever work things I can. I like to break all my lists down and keep them separate from one and other as otherwise, it can become really overwhelming and completely unobtainable when everything is on one. As well as planning my week I also like to schedule things in and this goes for social media and blog posts to appointments and work commitments. There is always so much emphasis put on planning in the blogging world and it's not for everyone that's for sure but for me, it brings a lot of peace to my life. 


I try and stretch as much as I can throughout the week but if I can on a Sunday I will always get out my foam roller and my yoga mat and have a really good stretch. And whether you exercise or not stretching things out can do wonders for your joints and posture. I struggle with a lot of tension in my shoulders and even just stretching for 5 minutes can completely change how they feel. It might seem a little silly and maybe even unnecessary but stretching is totally underrated.


At the weekend I avoid anywhere that's busy because I'm really not a lover of big crowds. So taking a trip to anywhere calm and peaceful is always a good option as it's always nice to get out and about but anywhere crowded is a big no no. In true 26-year-old Grandma status, I love taking a trip to the local garden centre or most recently I discovered that there was a cactus nursery quite close by in Matlock. If you're into your greenery I'd highly suggest just having a quick google search for them. Of course, things like National Trust homes, once they reopen, is also a great option for a more peaceful day out. 

What are your favourite things to do on a Sunday?

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