A Few Beauty Resolutions To Take Into The New Year

If there is one area of my life that I don't mind setting strict resolutions for myself it's with my beauty stash. For me, it's part of the fun of being a serious beauty lover and as I'm on a real kick to generally live with less the two coming together is a match made in heaven for me. So of course, in true beauty blogger fashion, I had to share them and maybe you can take them into 2017 too?


Considering that part of my job entails writing about new beauty products you would think that I would be good at trying new things, but I'm actually pretty terrible at it. I love routines and I love what they provide in my life but I find myself getting far too easily trapped in them and then I miss so many awesome things. Mostly because I'm far too happy in my comfort zone but this year I really want to try and break out of it, even just a little bit. And I'll never leave my beloved champagne shadows and dirty pink lipsticks behind but even just trying out different formulations would be a great start and then it can help give me a broader knowledge of how different beauty products work and compare to other options.  


Washing makeup brushes is probably the majority of beauty lovers most hated tasks and I can't say it's my favourite either. However, the joy of fresh makeup brushes on a Monday morning is truly wonderful. I've never been too terrible with my brush laundry but something I'm trying to get into the habit of is when I wear base makeup a lot is to make sure that I wash my brushes every 3 days. Not only is this much better for when I apply my makeup as using a brush clogged up with base products awful. But it makes the chance of breaking out from dirty brushes pretty small. 


Something I have a terrible habit of is half using skincare products until I can really see the results of it and then moving onto something new. And even though I've never had a direct link between using products and breakouts I don't think it can be doing my skin much good. And then I'm left with way too many products half finished that I then have to return to. It might break my floozy beauty lovers heart but it's for the best.


I don't live a life where I need to save things for best so it seems really silly when I'm trying to save things for a certain occasion because it's probably never going to arrive anytime soon. There are so many beautiful things in my stash that just need using up and I need to really learn that you never need an excuse to wear a lipstick or eyeshadow that you love. Something else that fits in a similar category as this is saving things for sentimental reasons, I'm pretty bad with this when it comes to perfume. It's so silly but I always have to remind myself that I can purchase it again and it will still be special, it doesn't matter if it's not in the same bottle. 


I like to kid myself that I've got great beauty habits but there is more than one in my routine that is slightly questionable. So here are some of the habits that I want to try and adopt in 2017;

  • Apply body moisturiser in the morning, yes, even when it's really cold.
  • Get my eyebrows professionally shaped.
  • Use deep hair treatments more. 
  • Make the most of my products. 
  • Improve my cuticle care.
  • Get back into flossing my teeth.
  • Master the 5 day hair wash properly. 
  • Use nail treatments more. 
  • Store beauty products in a more functional way. 



You would think considering how many beauty products I own and love to write about the stuff that I'd wear it more often. But the more comfortable I've become in my own skin and well quite frankly the lazier I've become over the years I can sometimes go an entire week without applying my beloved products. And whilst I'd still like to keep a good mix of makeup free days I definitely want to make the effort to wear it more. It doesn't matter if I'm not leaving the house either, there is never a bad time to apply your favourite products. 


I'm not going to make some huge bold claim that I'm going to make the transition to completely cruelty-free beauty products as of right now that's just not possible. But I would love to explore the world more and get to know cruelty-free brands a little more. I've already made a slow start and it's been awesome, because really in this day and age should we need to be testing on animals? I think not. 


There are so many blogs out there at the moment who are currently on a big kick to clear out their beauty stash. And from an outsiders point of view, it must look pretty silly to hear people moaning that they've been sent too many free products. But 90% of the time huge parcels just turn up that bloggers are unaware of so they have had no choice to opt out. I'm incredibly grateful that a PR company or a brand have taken the time and money to send me something of course. But if it's something that I have no intention of using and could have had the choice to say no to then things would never get wasted. So the logical answer is to give things away and I do that a lot but something else I want to try and do is narrow down how many products I own in general. No-one needs 10 different foundations or 20 different lipsticks as there is just no need for it. Yes, it's nice to have the option and it's amazing when it comes to writing about products which is part of my job I won't deny that. But having that much doesn't fill me joy, it's just stressful to look at that many things and wonder how I'm ever going to finish them. 

Do you have any beauty resolutions?

R x

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