My Favourite Minimal Jewellery Pieces

For years, I stopped wearing jewellery because I couldn't afford good quality pieces so everything I wore just went green and I can't stay green fingers is a great look. And I think once you get out of the habit of wearing jewellery then it can be quite difficult to get back into the habit of putting it on each morning. Over the years I've been building myself a minimal jewellery wardrobe that fits in with my style, as well as my lifestyle and here, are my favourite pieces. 



If you're a really long time reader of my blog you will know how much I adore bees and I used to wear a gold bee necklace constantly. That was from a store called Lily Charmed and it was actually a gift from the brand but one day it fell off in Manchester and then I replaced it myself because it was my most loved jewellery piece. And it still is one of my favourites but I had always adored the Alex Munroe bees, they're just so beautiful, infact his entire wildlife collection is. This Christmas my boyfriend surprised me with the rose gold Alex Munroe baby bee, a piece I've coveted for years but just never thought I'd own as I could never justify buying it for myself [side note: you don't need a reason to buy something you love]. I'm a sucker for really delicate chains with dainty pendants that you can wear daily as for me that's what jewellery is all about. I don't want something I can only wear every so often as it seems like a waste. 


I've always wanted to get into the habit of wearing rings but never quite found what was right for me. I'm not sure why either, it could be because I'm typing for the majority of the day or shooting so I'm using my hands constantly and too much on them would probably just be irritating. But in 2016 I did find my style and I personally like to go for a mixture of dainty bands with one one larger stone as a little bit of a statement. Gold isn't something that's all that flattering against my skin but rose gold looks lovely and now as it's incredibly popular you don't have to look far to find some more affordable options. Personally, I really like Jewellery Box and Debenhams but you have to make sure they're sterling silver pieces as otherwise they will go rusty. 


I'm not sure I've ever spoken properly about my nose piercing on here? It's probably because I forget that I have it done constantly but I'm always swiftly reminded when I either snag it on clothing, a flannel or bedding. Personally, I've always gone for a ring over a nose stud as being a makeup lover it's all easy for things to gather around a stud and it's much easier for a stud to fall out. When you're putting jewellery in your body there is no better time to invest in something a little higher in quality, cheap goes green and rusty and it's not something you want to mess around with. Real Sterling Silver nose rings can be found in most stores and aren't earth-shatteringly expensive. Part of me wishes for a pretty dainty rose gold ring but I'm not sure how flattering it would be against my skin tone or how easy they are to find. 


Back in my teenage years, I had the brilliant idea of stretching my ears [gauges if you're from the US] and was adamant that I would keep that I would keep them forever. And not so surprisingly, I didn't and even though I was so fortunate that they healed up incredibly well [thank you over healing skin, for once you were in my favour]. So earrings can be a little tricky to wear as a lot of them fall through. The thin bar style is what I like to go for as I don't run the risk of them falling through my ears but I also adore the way they look. They're so simple and minimal but you can still see them in the ears. 


It's no well-kept secret that I have a penchant for watches. I'm not a bag or a shoe girl at all but watches have always been kind of my thing. Ever since the days where I would wear a Baby G until it smelt [if you owned one you know what I'm talking about]. Over the years, I've developed a real taste for classic leather straps and oversized faces and that's most definitely a style I prefer in my watches. Metal straps aren't something I find comfortable to wear at all as if I'm being honest I have quite hairy arms so the links trap my hair and rip it out so having a slight arm wax every day isn't something I enjoy. 

Brands like Daniel Wellington and Uniform Wares have always been my go to. I've been so incredibly fortunate to create a professional relationship with DW over the years of blogging and there is something so special about going from a customer to client with a brand that you truly love. Both brands have such beautiful pieces that truly stand the test of time and wear wonderfully. For me, part of the charm of having a watch with a leather strap is how it wears over the years. A watch is an investment piece to me as it's probably something that you'll want to wear every day so the quality is an important factor. And because I think they're an investment piece they make the most wonderful gifts [a huge gift to give someone of course] but still an amazing present none the less. 

What are your favourite minimal jewellery pieces?

R x

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