A Fresh Skincare Routine That Is Simple But Effective


It's been a good while since I laid out my skincare routine in its full glory. In the last few months, I've stripped back my product rota quite a lot from what it used to be, I used to use far too many things and even though my skin was ok it really wasn't its best and as of right now my skin is the best it's ever been. Simplicity is key for my complexion to thrive and when something does crop up that doesn't quite look right then it's all too easy to figure out what the issue is and treat it directly. Rather than throwing on a thousand products and hoping one might work. So here is my somewhat stripped down skincare menu...




If you've read any other of my beauty posts then you will be all too aware that I'm seriously into cleansing oils right now as I'm trying to cut down on the number of cotton rounds I'm using. As my only cleanse right now [I use it a couple of times when I wear makeup] I'm reaching for this lovely summer in a bottle oil and it works a treat. It does exactly what you want it to do, it breaks down all makeup with ease, hydrates the skin and most importantly doesn't overwhelm and overload it. What I love the most about these cleansing oils is not only do they feel incredible upon application but they make the job so easy. When it comes to anything oily I think it's all easy to fear them it but I've never, ever had an issue with an oil disrupting the balance of my skin and they've been incredible for boosting moisture levels just the right amount. 



I strictly now only use an exfoliating toner in the evening as my skin simply does not require them twice a day. This is my latest discovery and boy, it's a good one. It contains the wonder ingredient glycolic acid which is a more natural way to resurface the skin and work on any texture issues that I may have as well as decrease any redness from any spots I've had in the past. As well as glycolic acid it also contains some other fruit acids that work at resurfacing the skin. And finally, it contains glycerin which an ingredient that helps the complexion stay super soft when using an acid. It gives you that wonderful tingle upon application but it goes away in a couple of seconds and when I wake up in the morning my complexion always looks so much healthier, even when I'm exhausted. If you've ever used the Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Toner then it's incredibly similar to that but just a little more potent I've found. 



As my AM toner, this new release from French beauty brand Nuxe has been the only thing I've reached for and it's simply incredible. Typically when I use something that isn't of an exfoliating nature I don't notice a huge amount of difference but this has been working serious wonders on the enlarged pores around my nose. It's marketed towards combination skin which is what I have and it's rare to find something that works so well. It aims to mattify the complexion which does sound a little scary and typically when I hear that word I instantly think it's going to be drying but this isn't, at all due to the inclusion of hyaluronic acid. The only way to describe what this does accurately and in the most simple way is that it tightens up the complexion and leaves a beautifully smooth base for anything you may want to use over the top, almost like you've used a primer. A truly wonderful toner if you're not interested in anything acid based and want something to smooth out the skin after cleansing. 



I am quite frankly obsessed with oils right now, I've been making my way through my collection since it's been so much colder in the UK than usual and the next one on my hit list is this product from Elemis. Not a brand that I'm all that familiar with but if this oil is anything to go by then it's pretty magical. It's somewhat dry oil in its formulation which is what I prefer as I find they work with my skin type a lot better and don't take as long to absorb and can still be worn underneath makeup without allowing a lot of time between skincare and makeup. It's formulated with a combination of seaweeds [don't worry, there is no seaweed stench] and together they're formulated to hydrate and lessen the appearance of ageing. Something I'm not too concerned about yet and my main aim when I use oils on my complexion is to simply keep on top of hydration and keep it balanced too, such a big misconception about oils is that they will make your skin oilier but that isn't the case and if anything they can help to balance it. It's a pricey oil, that is for sure but I imagine on older skin this would really come into it's own but even on my still relatively young skin it works a treat.




First of all, let's talk about the elephant in the room with this moisturiser which is the incredibly steep price point. Yes, it's very expensive but damn it's good. Much like anything else in this range from Oskia it works absolute wonders on my skin and this moisturiser has been incredible for getting rid of any remaining scars I have lingering around from old blemishes and seriously brightening things up a notch. It does a serious amount of good to my complexion but it still feels lightweight and is comfortable underneath makeup as it does add a touch of moisture to the complexion due to the inclusion of a blend of oils. If you have the type of budget for this and you have issues with texture and discolouration, then I rate it incredibly highly. It's rare that I find a moisturiser that it does the same type of thing as a serum but can add moisture too.

What does your skincare routine look like at the moment? Have you used any of these products?

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty