A Full Coverage Love Affair

The words 'full coverage' conjure up some not so pretty pictures in my head. During my bad skin days, I quickly learnt that some bases can make you look like you've got a plastic face. Not a desirable look if you ask me. I've got a real soft spot for full coverage foundations that perfect my skin without being too heavy. So here are my top five bases that deliver just that aesthetic. 

LAURA MERCIER SILK CREME FOUNDATION: You guys know how I love this base. Every time I dig it out again I'm reminded just how incredible it is. It's thick in consistency like the name suggests so you only need a small amount to cover up anything you might not want on show. I would class this as a satin finish as it's not all that radiant, but it's not matte either. The perfect in between when you want your base to last all day. 

CLINIQUE EVEN BETTER FOUNDATION: My latest foundation love. The first time I applied this I could not believe how good my skin looked and that was without the use of any primer or concealer. I love how seamlessly this blends into the skin, it's a real minimal work base. It makes my complexion look completely perfect, not a pore or blemish in sight whilst still letting my freckles show through. The only downside to this base is the shade range, not one for us pale girls. 

CLAUDIA LOUCH HD FOUNDATION*: I've never used a HD foundation before so wasn't quite sure what to expect from this. It melts into the skin, so gives you a complexion that looks perfected whilst still looking fresh. I imagine that it would look incredible in photographs, but I've not road tested in that department. It takes a little longer to apply than most of my bases but it's totally worth the effort. Something to note with this foundation is that it's incredibly pricey. Great if you want to treat yourself but there are plenty of awesome cheaper alternatives out there. 

MAC STUDIO SCULPT: This is a classic base option for me. It was one of the first high-end bases I ever purchased. It's the only MAC foundation that doesn't oxidise or break me out. I find this gives me such a good level of coverage whilst keeping my skin looking radiant. Even though it provides a glow it doesn't scrimp on the lasting power and even on my long gone oily skin it stood the test of time.  

YSL YOUTH LIBERATOR: My favourite foundation of 2014. I've raved about this so many times that I've lost count. This makes my skin look like how I wished it looked without the use of any foundation. It's so natural on the skin that it's barely detectable but can be built up with ease. As it's a gel consistency it's incredibly forgiving on dry skin but works just as well on oily complexions too. It's important to note that it's fragranced so if you're sensitive to that then it may not be for you. 

What are your favourite high coverage bases?

R x

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