When You Want To Eat Healthier, But You're Not Sure How

The internet is having a real moment for eating clean at the moment. With clean eating books coming out every other week, it's hard not to pay attention to it. Even though I have a reasonably good diet there are certain areas I could improve, but I find all the clean eating posts a little jarring and not at all relatable. I don't have unlimited funds to spend on 10+ superfoods every week. So if like me you want to improve on your diet but have no idea where to even start keep on reading. 


The whole clean eating thing seems a little daunting to me. So by starting off by making small steps it doesn't seem so much of a huge change. I started by cutting down on dairy products. Even though I love cheese, it doesn't love me in large quantities. So I switched out milk to almond and went for lactose-free cheese. I'm now trying to cut down on the amount of sugar I eat, I'll never cut it out entirely, but it wouldn't hurt to eat a little bit less of it.


Drinking calories isn't something that appeals to me, I'd rather have a slice of cake than a can of coke. Fizzy drinks are crazy expensive too so it really wracks up when you're eating out. I went through a stage at university where I was drinking fizzy drinks a lot and I found that I got easily addicted to them. I would crave Dr Pepper so badly that I would go out late at night just to get my fix. I completely cut them out of my diet a few years ago and I couldn't feel better for it.


At around 11am and 3.30pm I find myself craving a snack. I used to fill myself up with sugar. Now I reach for fruit instead as they sort out my cravings and are a much better option. I've also found I'm getting my 5 a day in a lot easier by doing this. As its summer at the moment fruit is a lot cheaper as it's not being imported into the country. So if there is ever a time to start upping your fruit intake it's now.


White bread is possibly my favourite food. I do really love brown bread too, but it will never beat crusty white bread. Ever since I made the switch to brown bread and pitta's I've noticed that I don't get so bloated that I want to lay on the floor and cry. A bad bloat can be horrendously painful and I'll do anything I can to avoid it at all costs. Ideally it's better to buy fresh brown bread because it's not pumped full of preservatives, but who can eat an entire loaf of bread in a couple of days?


Diet is a very personal choice. So it's important to pay attention to your body and how it reacts to what you're putting in. It's like my dad always says if you don't put good fuel in then don't expect good results. As clean eating is so big at the moment it's hard not to get sucked into it all and completely change your diet because it's working for them. It's a lot of trial and error, but it's a fun task to undertake. 

Do you have any tips for eating a little healthier? 

R x

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