A Good Old Fashioned Beauty Favourites


It's been a good while since I've written about beauty favourites, infact probably a good 6 months or so and that's quite a good chunk of time. Some of these products I've been using for months and there are a couple of new discoveries that have really wowed me within such a short space of time that I had to include them. So here is a good old-fashioned beauty favourites to sink your teeth into on this inevitably dreary Monday morning.



This was the driving force behind this post, since December I've been using this toothbrush daily [obviously] and it's one of the highlights of my day. Can't say I ever thought I would feel so passionately about a toothbrush here we are. Brushing my teeth is something that makes me feel super fresh and ready to take on the day. I've always struggled with my teeth, they're not terrible but they're not in the best shape that they could be and getting an electric toothbrush, in general, has been a gamechanger for me. It's completely changed how I brush my teeth and they're so much healthier now and I find it so much easier to get right to the back of my mouth and behind my front teeth. My teeth and gums are not only in better condition [I recently had a dentist appointment which confirmed this] but things are looking a little brighter too. This toothbrush comes with a few extra heads so that you can find what works best for you and I'm currently using the whitening one which seems to be working a treat. It's soft enough that it doesn't feel like it's hurting my gums but it's firm enough to be effective.


If you caught the post where I wrote about all the beauty resolutions I want to make this year then you might have seen that I want to stop using micellar waters to remove my makeup. Not because I don't think that they're awesome products because I do but it means I'm getting through so many cotton rounds which definitely cannot be good for the environment. So I've been making my way through my collection of cleansing oils and they've quickly become my new favourite way to remove my makeup. Not only does the oil feel incredible on parched winter skin but it means I'm not creating an extra waste either. I'm currently using this micellar oil from French beauty powerhouse Decléor and it's absolutely beautiful and not just because it smells like almonds either. Once massaged into the skin it melts everything away and it gives the complexion a serious boost of moisture, meaning once you've wiped everything away you're left with a seriously happy face. The only downside of these oils is that they are quite expensive and it's easy to get through them at quite a rapid rate.



Every year without fail Jo Malone always blows me away with their new releases and their English Fields collection is absolutely beautiful. The packaging of this cologne is particularly striking, sometimes the limited edition packaging of new Jo Malone collections can fall a little short for me but this one is so beautiful, pink against a greyish purple? Yes please. Pretty packaging aside it is, of course, what's inside that matters the most and it's a delicious scent that's for sure. And obviously, like most perfume descriptions I have absolutely no idea what poppy or barley smells like in their purest form but this blend together is lovely. It reminds me every so slightly the Gucci Rush 2 perfume, my first ever fragrance and the Jo Malone Amber and Gingerlily scent. It's quite a musky fragrance but not too heavy and one that can easily transition through all the seasons which I think is essential for any fragrance.

STILA KITTEn all over shimmer DUO* 

I don't believe this product is meant to be used an eyeshadow but that is how I've been using it. It's a powder after all so why not? Technically, it's meant to be some sort of all over shimmer duo used as a highlighter but anyway, I really like it on the eyes. It's such a soft buttery formulation that it glides over the lid and stays put happily all day. I would say that you need to powder your lids beforehand though or use some sort of primer as it is very soft. Depending on what I'm going for I'll either mix the two shades together to create more of a neutral champagne or go for each shade separately if I want something a little warmer or cooler. It's one of those great multi-use products that are great to have in your collection, especially if you travel frequently.


Considering how much I loathe doing my eyebrows I seem to have an abundance of products to tame them into shape. One thing I am quite particular about is what brow gel I use to hold my very sad brows into my desired shape and this one is excellent. Coming from Hourglass it's a given that this has a hefty price tag to go alongside it, it's not bad though and sits alongside most high-end brands price point. What this brow gel promises is that it will hold the brows in place all day, add definition and most importantly feel weightless and it does just that. The formula is lovely, strong without being crispy but what makes this product so special is that the brush is quite unique, it has different lengths allowing you to really tame your brows into shape with precision.


What beauty products are you enjoying right now?

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