6 Reasons To Be Excited For Spring


Considering there is still nearly 2ft of snow in my garden and there was a point this week where I'd not left the house in over 48 hours this post is either terribly timed or the perfect thing to write to get me out of my snow funk. I'm a big believer in not wishing any seasons away because time goes fast enough without wanting it to go even faster but I have to say, I'm ready to get to the end of winter. After January lasting approximately 353454 days and then February passing by at a rapid rate I'm welcoming March with open arms and spring cannot get here fast enough and here are some of my most loved things about the season.



Even it being daylight until around 5.40pm on a good day has made a huge difference for me. I'm not somebody who likes the dark winter days all that much. Yes if you haven't got a lengthy to-do list then snuggling under a blanket with a good book is amazing. But I find trying to get anything done when it's dark and ice cold always feels so much harder. It always throws my internal body clock off so much as soon as when it gets dark then my brain automatically wants to wind down when in reality it might only be 3.30pm and I've still got lots of hours at work left. Having a few more hours of daylight makes me feel so much more productive not only in my work day but it makes me want to get up and do more too. I miss evening dog walks or being able to nip out in the evening without a thousand layers on so much at the moment as I seem to spend all my time inside. And even though I'm a homebody who loves being at home I'm not sure anybody enjoys being at home that much.


As well as there being a lot more daylight there have been a lot more sunny days lately and even though it's ice cold it still feels wonderful. Feeling the sun on my skin is hands down one of my all-time favourite feelings in the world and after a really long winter, it can feel like you're defrosting from the inside out. And I think most people can agree whatever their favourite season is that sunshine makes us all feel a lot chirpier.


I'm guessing most people will already know by the sheer amount I talk about it that I really love decluttering and organising. And one of my all-time favourite things to do is my yearly spring clean and I'm already starting to think about all the things that I want to do, I've already made a start on the spare room which is the bane of my life. I try to keep a decent hold on things and don't like to let things get too messy at any time of year. But going through the kitchen cupboards and the pantry are things I reserve for a spring clean. Something I'm really looking forward to this year is going through my spring wardrobe and maybe having a declutter of some things and finally tidy away my chunky winter knits. Although they won't be going too far as let's be honest, I live in the UK and you always need a jumper at any given moment.



As well as feeling the sun on my skin seeing the world in bloom once again is such an amazing thing to see. I spend so much time outside that I've seen the tree's go from a rich emerald green to a dazzling amber to falling to the floor and as of right now the world is pretty bare so seeing things spring up out of the ground is so special. Getting out with my camera in tow to capture everything coming into blossom is one of my favourite things to do. And even if I'm not the one capturing it scrolling through Instagram and seeing the world come back to life is incredible.


Although I have to get out daily to walk my dog I'm really excited to be able to get out and explore more in general. When it's dark and incredibly cold it certainly gets rid of my urge to get out more as even when you're dressed appropriately being slapped in the face by the wind is not enjoyable by any means. Some of the places that my boyfriend and I really want to explore when spring arrives are;

  • Scotland and The Highlands.
  • Local seaside towns. 
  • The Lake District.
  • More of the Peak District.
  • Cheltenham - I went to university there and it's an incredible place. 
  • Go up to Manchester again, one of our favourite cities. 
  • Botanical gardens. 
  • National Trust properties further afield. 

people feeling a little bit more positive

`There are people in the world who truly thrive in the winter months and cherish the cooler seasons. But I am definitely not one of those people and it's a time of the year that makes me incredibly unhappy and I'm probably not the most positive person to be around. And I think a lot of people feel the same, it's not an uncommon thing that people tend to feel a little more down in the winter seasons. Then when the warmer months come back around I feel such a huge sense of relief, when I wake up and I see that blue sky I feel so much cheerier and it makes me want to do so much more. I'm so much more positive, my anxiety is slightly numbed and my mind isn't so much like a dark cloud.


Are you looking forward to spring?