A New Base Combination That's Perfect For A Tricky Season


Now we're out of the summer months and we no longer have to worry about our makeup sliding off then we can start to try and prep for an even trickier season in my opinion. I'm such a sucker for trying out different base combinations and discovering what products work in harmony with each other and I've discovered an awesome combination lately that I've been thoroughly enjoying and most importantly it's been working. As the seasons have obviously shifted and the temperature is dropping by the day it can cause even the calmest of skins to freak out a little. So here are the products that are working beautifully in this tricky period and providing what I consider the perfect base.




To be honest I'm not completely smitten with this moisturiser. It is good, it doesn't blow me anyway but there is one thing that I can't falter it for which is providing a beautiful base for products. So often skincare products can really interfere with how makeup performs but this is incredible. Of course, you don't want to be getting photographed with this on as it is SPF 30 so you will get terrible flashback but in reality of how many of us are getting photographed with a flash on a daily basis? It contains Vitamin C and an acid to help create a smooth surface as well other ingredients to help battle against aging etc. Like I said I'm really not crazy about this and it's a PR sample that I definitely won't be going back for but as of right now it's creating a great surface. When it comes to our bases it's so easy to forget about our skincare and the part it plays but a good prep routine of cleansing and moisturising is key.



No matter what the season it is I never skip out on primer and my primer of choice right now is the Becca First Light Priming Filter. As I said my moisturiser helps with texture and of course hydration but it will never be able to replace a priming product for me. What I love the most about this product from Becca is just how lightweight it feels on the complexion and the lavender tones brighten up the skin and create a lovely natural dew. Making it look plump and healthy without the need for multiple products or correctors, you could definitely reach for this on a day where you don't want a full face of product as gives the skin such a fresh-faced look.




For a long time, I never bothered with under eye concealer as I never thought that it made that much of a difference and thought it made under my eyes look cakey and dry but this budget option from Bourjois is lovely. Concealer is one of those products that I don't think you ever need to spend a tonne of money on as there are some great options on the lower end of price spectrum. There are a couple of options from bareMinerals and Nars that are more expensive that if you have the budget are great items but it's not a necessity. Anyway, this adds light to the under eye area as well as hydrating and correcting any unsightly tones but it doesn't gather or make the area look even worse than before and I even like this without any foundation on top which is rare.



Foundation sticks are always products that have confused me a little, I was never sure how to use them and thought they would just look cakey and dry on the skin. This new release from Lancôme is what I've been using as my general concealer and the way it melts into the skin yet covers everything up is truly amazing. It glides onto the skin and feels so soft and comforting yet provides incredible coverage. Of course, this is meant to be used as a foundation and it would make a beautiful base but I love it in combination with a slightly lighter base because I am such a sucker for a flawless complexion that still looks natural. It's so easy to blend in and it never gathers or cakes up on the skin which is what I presumed might happen with a product like this. 



This is a really long time favourite base product of mine and I was a little apprehensive that when they reformulated it they might have taken away the true beauty of this base but it's still there. It's got a little more coverage and greater staying power but it's still like buffing liquid light into the skin. It doesn't matter how tired and run down I am this foundation adds so much radiance and life to the skin. It's so easy to work with, by far the easiest base product I own so bearing everything else in mind it does make it so worth the price tag. YSL bases in general always blow me away and are so worth the investment and have an awesome shade range too which is so important. 


There are plenty of awesome powders in my collection so it takes something special to impress me at this point. This is a new release from the brand and I can't quite work out whether it's a setting powder or a compact foundation. Either way, it looks beautiful on the skin, it's so soft which is so important during this season as things can all too easily look dry and cakey. It provides a little more coverage than your typical powder option as well as setting everything into place and providing an almost soft focus matte veil to the complexion. You could easily take this on go for touch ups of coverage and cleaning up the skin. 


What are your favourite base products right now?

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty