All The Style Pieces You Need To Keep Really Warm This Winter


For far too many years I dressed so impractically all in the name of FASHUN. But fast forward a few years and way too many self-inflicted colds later [seriously, I was lucky that's all I got] I take my A/W dressing very seriously. As my life doesn't call for that many occasions where I need a nice dress and smart coat my wardrobe is geared towards being outdoors and staying seriously warm. And this year as I have a little pup in my life who loves nothing more than running around the woods whatever the weather [apart from torrential downpours, thankfully she hates them]. So this year I've pulled out all the stops for my A/W wardrobe and here are a few of my style essentials for keeping really warm...


Probably the most important purchase for anybody when the temperatures start to drop is a good coat. And I love a good fashion coat as much as the next person but so often they aren't the warmest things in the world. Last year I learned what it was like to go through the seasons with a waterproof and windproof coat and it changed things so much for me. Especially the windproof element, we've all been there when the wind is for a better word slapping against us and going through every layer we're wearing it's awful. A good coat that will get you through a few years is an investment and here a few styles that I absolutely adore and keep me protected against the elements;


I used to live in dresses all year round with the addition of a good pair of tights but those days are long gone now and I mostly wear a pair of leggings and an oversized knit. Not only is this attire incredibly easy to throw on and it doesn't look half bad but a good knit can see you through the entire season. I've mentioned it so many times on this blog but I prefer to shop in the men's section for my knitwear. As of right now everything in the women's section always seems to be cropped or have the same thickness of a piece of card and that isn't going to be keeping anybody warm when January hits. And we've all probably stolen a jumper from a loved one or a friend in our lives and there is a good reason why we love them so much, they're longer, thicker and generally a lot sensible. Paired with a thermal underneath its absolute heaven and there is no way the wind is getting to you.


When I was a kid I always knew it was getting cold when I could catch a glimpse of my Dad's thermal vest near the collar of his shirt. And it was always a running joke that he would never take it off until at least May but now I'm starting to understand why. I never realised the difference that a thermal long sleeve underneath a jumper or even a thermal vest underneath a shirt could make. We all know layering works wonders but nothing works quite as well as a thermal. I've been asked a few times where I like to get mine from and my favourites without a doubt are from Tesco, they're so warm and thick.


Some people can't abide leggings and I get it. And when it's t-shirt weather I love a good pair of jeans as much as the next person but when the colder months roll around and the oversized knits come out I love to pair them with a skin-tight pair of leggings. And for getting outside I swear by my H&M gym leggings, they're super warm and not see through at all which are my two requirements. It's hard to explain how these thin leggings keep me so warm but they do, no cold air gets in like it can with jeans. Adidas make a pair of hiking tights which I think I'm going to purchase soon as they're thermal lined which is going to be absolutely perfect for the real cold months. 


Back when I used to wear outfits that were just for fashion and didn't really care whether I was cold or not my feet were what took the real beating. And I'm still terrible for having bare ankles when I'm just nipping to Tesco, don't be fooled but when it comes to being outside for a long period of time then I have to wear something waterproof. Having cold feet is one thing but having wet feet is a whole different ball game and a surefire way to get yourself sick. There are lots of avenues that you can go down when it comes to waterproof boots, you can either invest a lot into a pair that will probably see you through many many years or just get a pair for one season. It's totally dependant on your budget.


I have a beautiful Mulberry scarf that is one of my most prized possessions but I can't kid myself into believing it's the warmest thing, it does take away the chill but it's nowhere near as effective a good chunky knitted scarf. I made my own last year and it was one of the best things I ever did but you can find them at all price points and wrapped around a few times they're perfect for keeping warm. And if you just happen to be on a train then they can be doubled up as on the go blanket or pillow. As well as a good scarf a pair of gloves that are preferably touch screen are key, I'm still on the hunt for mine so if you have any recommendations do let me know.


What are your warm weather essentials?

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