A New Base Duo That Gives A Full Coverage Glow


We all know by now that I have a serious penchant for a full coverage foundation and it will always be my favourite product to road test with the hopes I'll find something new. And this season is always a good time to test things out because one day it might be 26 degrees and then the next day it could be a measly 4, ah the joy of British springtime.  So it really puts any base products through the ringer and here are a couple of items that I've thoroughly enjoyed using lately. 



I always say that you're either a primer person or you're not and I most definitely am. I rarely skip out on applying a primer and something that just landed in my beauty stash is this product from bareMinerals*. A brand that I've really come to know and love for their base products and this primer is not so surprisingly wonderful and the name is utter genius. It's marketed towards those who have a dry complexion that seriously lacks in moisture. Even though I don't have particularly dry skin I do struggle with radiance and have serious hydration issues. This is a thick primer, it doesn't feel loaded with silicones but nor does it feel like a moisturiser either so quite a unique texture. It feels almost like a thick gel and feels beautiful when applied on the skin, it glides over not only plumping the complexion but providing a silky smooth canvas for any other products that you might want to apply over the top. Products like this are not only perfect for underneath makeup which is, of course, their main purpose but they're also great for no makeup days. Containing ingredients like hyaluronic acid and glycerin, you know it's going to work absolute wonders and feel incredible. 


Surprisingly when I had really bad skin back in 2011 [how was it that long ago?! and some of the scars are still around] a brand that I never explored was Vichy even though they're heralded as one of the queens of full coverage bases. Some might think it's silly that I love such full coverage bases when my skin doesn't really need them anymore but I seriously love that perfected flawless look. The Fluid Corrective Foundation* is a base that aims to hide all sins without looking fake and feeling heavy on the skin and it does just that. Surprisingly it feels incredibly lightweight which isn't something that I was expected as typically full coverage bases are more like creams in formulation but this still feels like a traditional liquid. And once you start to blend this into the skin it provides a really great level of coverage but it doesn't look heavy or fake on the skin which is so important when it comes to full coverage. Although I want to look perfected I don't want to look like I'm wearing a mask or that I can't touch my skin without disturbing any product. You can build it up as much as you'd like but I don't find I need anything else but one layer of this. It wears incredibly comfortably throughout the day, I always know a foundation is long lasting when my chin doesn't nibble it up like a mid-morning snack and it hangs around all day. If a drier skin girl or boy were to look into this foundation I would definitely suggest a tiny bit of moisture mixed in just to make sure it doesn't cling to anything on the skin.


Have you tried either of these products?