5 Things I've Stopped Caring & Worrying About


Last week I put out a tweet along the lines of not feeling mentally low, not being far too anxious I'm worried about going on a dog walk and my OCD is the best it's been in months maybe even years. So I thought today I'd share some of the things that I've stopped worrying about so much lately and in general. I've certainly noticed that since I've got older that the things I use my mental energy on has changed so much and it's a welcome change from what I used to be like in my early twenties. So here are five of the things that I've stopped worrying and caring about so much...



Something that I've spoken about so, so many times online is that I don't have a huge amount of body confidence. And having a somewhat slender frame means it's easy to presume that I might have all the confidence in the world but I don't at all. This year I've really worked on my relationship with my body and tried to appreciate everything that I have rather than just hating absolutely everything about it and wishing my legs would magically look like someone else's. Ultimately, my body kinda works [hello awful bowel issues] and most importantly is that it gets me from A to B and allows to me to work and contribute to the world. Which is the most important thing for all of us to remember when it comes to our bodies as it's all too easy to just focus on what it looks like rather than what it does. Of course, it would be really nice if my legs magically lengthened themselves but that is never going to happen and that's ok. Something that really helped me work on my mindset and my physical body image is doing things that makes me feel happy. So things like wearing nice clothes that make me feel awesome and applying my favourite beauty products. Whenever I do things that I really enjoy like putting on makeup and pulling on my favourite outfit it makes a huge difference to my day. I'm so guilty of just bumming around in my sweatpants and as much as I love them when I wear them too much it makes me feel really down about myself.


I guess this kind of ties into my first point but goes against it somewhat. When I was younger I would not leave the house without a full face of makeup and even when I was really unwell I would still force myself to apply a full face as I hated not wearing makeup so much. If I ever did step out the house for whatever reason not wearing makeup I'd feel like I needed to apologise or be ashamed for not looking a certain way which is just so silly. In reality, nobody ever cares that much about what other people look like and if they do they're not the type of people that I want to be associated with as it's such a cruel way to judge others. Now I wear makeup because I want to and not because I have to and wearing makeup is hands down one of my favourite things in the world. When I step outside the house now when I'm not wearing makeup, I still feel like myself and I still feel complete which is such a big change from how I used to think about makeup.



Ever since I was a teenager I knew I was a homebody, I liked being at home either hanging out with my family, reading, playing The Sims or reading Harry Potter for the tenth time. But all those years ago, fifteen to be exact, being a homebody wasn't really a thing and I never knew why I enjoyed being at home more than I did hanging out with my friends at the park. Now I'm older and understand myself way more I know it's totally ok to enjoy staying home and being a homebody has become quite the trend it would appear.  Since figuring out I'm an introvert and I get my energy from being by myself it's completely changed how I view being a homebody. I no longer think I'm boring or unsociable it's just what makes me happy and that's ok. We never, ever question when people like to go out and party but as soon as somebody says they like staying at home then that instantly makes them strange or weird which just isn't the case at all. 

doing what everybody else does

There is nothing more than we seem to enjoy in society than confirming to what everybody else is doing. And hey, if that is what people want to do then that is absolutely fine but so many of us feel the pressure to do what everybody else is doing because, well isn't that what we're meant to do? There is no set way to go through life and we all strive and want for different things which is something that should be encouraged. Cheering people on to carve their own paths rather than going down what other people have forged is so important. And maybe it's an age thing or a lack of free mental space but something I'm really not interested in [within reason] is what everybody else is doing and trying to keep up with it. Of course, it's very easy to fall into the comparison trap but in general, I stay in my own lane and just get on with what I'm doing because getting too involved with other people's lives never ends well. This doesn't mean you can't care about your loved ones, of course not but getting overly invested in the lives of others for the wrong reasons can be disasterous.


As a chronic over-thinker and worrier, something my brain tends to do enjoy [absolutely love] is to go back to certain moments in time and replay them again and again. And if that is something that your brain also loves to do then you will be all too aware of how painfully frustrating it is to spend so much time in the past when we need to live in the now or think about the future. In the past few months I've noticed such a big change with my mental health and now I rarely sit and go back to those moments, there are the odd occasions of course but it's been such a welcome change from what I used to be like. Now I tend to live a lot more in the present and focus on what is going on right now or try and think about the future a little bit. As well as not trying to think about the past too much something else I'm trying not to do is think about the future too much. This has to be within reason of course, as we all need to think about what is to come for us but scrapping the five-year plan was a good move for me. Having loose aims and a general idea is great but trying to have set in stone plans never works out well at all because when they more than likely don't come to fruition it's painful and instantly makes us feel like we're complete failures.


Have you stopped worrying about anything lately?