A New Base Routine That Is Pretty Dreamy


You may well know by now that foundation and base products are my favourite things to write about when it comes to beauty, apart from maybe acid toners. I'm always trying out different base combinations to find ones that perfect my skin and give me that flawless base that I covet oh so much. Lately, I've discovered a beautiful new combination of products that are giving me the coverage but a soft-focus finish to flatter my winter complexion. 




During the cooler months, I always reach for a primer that can add a little bit more moisture and glow to my tired complexion and I've been thoroughly enjoyed using this number from YSL. The texture of this primer is very smooth, not quite moisturiser texture but not super slippery either and the pink tone adds that glow to the skin without the need of shimmer or glitter. As well as hydrating and topping up the moisture levels it also blurs over any imperfections slightly which is ideal when you're struggling with breakouts and blemishes but still require that extra moisture in the skin. My chin has had a few nasty breakouts lately and this has managed to lessen their appearance as well as provide a veil of moisture over them so product doesn't gather over the top of them. Which is one of the worst things about breakouts as it just draws more attention to them.



Last year I really got into green concealing products, well I suppose they're considered neutralisers more than concealers but anyway, I digress. The YSL Touche Éclat is one of the worlds most popular beauty products, often confused for a concealer but its main aim is to add brightness to the skin. Whilst this green Touche Éclat promises to distinguish redness in the skin. Whether that redness may be from a skin condition or blemishes, this really works. It's super lightweight on the complexion and you only need a small amount to neutralise any redness if you don't fancy using heavy layers of concealer. Products like this are always a little scary to use and look odd when first applied but once blended in they work wonders and aren't a fad which is what they might seem like.


As I get older and I seem to get way less sleep, hello an average of 5 hours a night I need something that can really help brighten my under eye area and make it look a lot less puffy. Because looking like you've got two sets of eyelids is not something I want. This cult item from Trish McEvoy is absolutely beautiful, it adds just the right amount of brightness so you don't achieve that reverse panda effect and it somehow makes my under eyes look a lot less puffy and swollen. This is something that you could easily use if you just wanted something to brighten the eye area but you don't fancy applying an entire face of makeup. A pricey product but one of the best under eye items that I've ever used.




This base got stashed away in my dressing table when I received it in the summer as it was too light for me at the time. But now it's a pretty good colour match, not absolutely perfect but still pretty good. It's a demi-matte foundation [a good 45ml too oppose to your standard 30ml] which isn't something I've used for quite a while and honestly, I was a little apprehensive how something matte would look on my skin during the cooler months but this sits really well. It doesn't sit in any pores or gather around drier parts of my complexion and provides a really soft focus matte finish to my skin.  It's a solid medium coverage that can be built up in the areas that you need a little bit more help in too. It reminds me ever so slightly of MAC Studio Sculpt and my beloved but sadly discontinued Laura Mercier Silk Creme, if those two had a foundation baby then this would be it. And whilst I really enjoy this base I do have to mention that the shade range is absolutely dire and there are a measly 6 shades that are all beige.


I'm not using a typical setting powder at the moment and instead, I'm reaching for this compact powder foundation from Clarins. If you're somebody who is a fan of powder bases then I can imagine it's something that would work incredibly well but even as just a finishing powder it works beautifully. Personally, I don't think I could ever get into just using a powder as a foundation. It creates a light veil of coverage as well as setting everything into place and the way I find this to work best is to use a somewhat dense brush and then use a bopping motion to really get this to adhere onto the skin. So often I find powders can become drying and uncomfortable at the end of the day but this wears comfortably all day and doesn't create any uneven patches of product on the skin. It's by no means my favourite powder but it's a seriously good one.


What base combination are you enjoying right now?

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty