7 Of My Favourite Things To Do When I'm Not Working


If there is one thing the blogging world LOVES to talk about it's the importance of taking time off and giving yourself a break. And I'm all for that, I've been burnt out far too many times to not know the importance of doing something you enjoy for an hour or two that isn't working. Because there isn't a way that you can hustle, hustle, hustle without cutting yourself some slack and treating yourself like a human being rather than a robot. Considering how much a hot topic taking time off is something I don't think I've ever mentioned is what I do when I'm not working. So think of this blog post as a conversation between co-workers about what they at the weekend.



I know for some they simply cannot stand tidying or de-cluttering and it's a task that they loath but for me, it's one of my all-time favourite things to do. Like, seriously absolutely adore it, it's something that I find incredibly cathartic and maybe because I work from home I have a little bit more of an urge to get rid of anything that is taking up space in my home and not bringing me any happiness as I'm around it constantly. And I'm never going to be somebody who has a very minimal home, I love personal trinkets far too much and some would probably hate how many things I have scattered around but they're what make my surrounding feel like home. I recently wrote a post all about how much I love decluttering and tidying [read it here] and why it's so good for my productivity levels. It's one of the strangest things I do that makes me feel really ready to work and full of ideas. 


Whenever I daydream about all the things that I like to do when I'm off reading is up definitely up there in my top five. In-fact one my biggest dreams in life is to go on a reading holiday, you know like walking holiday but all you do is read in bed. Seriously, why aren't those a thing? Of course, when I'm not working I have to do all the things that aren't so exciting like clean the house and do the food shop. But if I have the time all I want to do is lay down with Josie curled around me and read. I'm somebody who has to read in silence too, I feel like if I have something on in the background then I can't really focus properly and tend to skim read rather than properly digest the words.  I'm currently reading When Breath Becomes Air and The Curated Closet. 


Getting out and exploring where I live is hands down one of my favourite things to do and now that I have a little pup in my life it's even more of a reason to get out and find new awesome places to go for a walk. Instagram is one of the places where I find new spots to visit as well as taking a chance of going off the beaten track and pulling off at the side of a country road in a lay-by, getting out and having a little wander is something I find myself doing quite a lot. As well as taking different paths on walks that I already know, on my work days, I typically don't have time to do this so when I do I always make the most of it and yes getting lost is all part of the fun. Thankfully dropping a pin on Google maps means you never have to stray too far. I will always take my camera with me when we go out exploring and just taking pictures for the fun of it. If they end up being something I can use for a blog post than that's great but I love to just take pictures for the fun of it. It's easy to forget that when you create images constantly. A couple of blog posts that may be interesting further reading; 



I knew I was starting to turn into a 'proper' adult when I began to get excited about cups and bedding rather than nail polish. As we're in the process of doing up our first home [I feel like this is something that we'll be doing forever] I spend a lot of time browsing blogs for interior idea's as well as looking at little ways we could update the space without spending a serious amount of money. We're starting to get really serious with our next plan for the house so paint colours are a hot topic as well as going to look at carpets and it's something we're thoroughly enjoying. It's so easy to get annoyed that the house isn't exactly what we want right now and the bathroom makes us both sad as soon as we step in it but it just makes the wait even more worthwhile when it does all come together. My office is currently the only room that is near enough complete. 


As my blog is now my job keeping my social media platforms up to date is part of how I earn an income. You have to have somewhat of an idea what is going on in the blogging world but it's still something that I absolutely adore doing in my free time. Whilst I've had my wobbles over the years keeping up to date with my favourite ladies online is one of my favourite things to do. Something I'm trying to get better at is to stop being a silent reader and if I've really enjoyed something let that person know because I know as a blogger just how much that can mean.

refresh and reset

I used to have a terrible habit of only taking time off when I was either incredibly ill or I'd burnt myself out so badly I couldn't physically work anymore. And I'm certainly not the best at stepping away from work now, who is when they own their business? But I do take steps back and just live life and I think it's something that is pretty underrated. So often we end up doing things thinking oh well this will make a good Instagram post. When in reality the things that make me super happy are probably what most would consider pretty mundane and dull but they make me feel awesome. Those things look a little bit like;

  • Sitting and doing absolutely nothing with my boyfriend and put the world to rights with him. 
  • Planning for the future, this includes the unlimited RightMove game. 
  • Making a fresh Spotify playlist and research new podcasts. 
  • Watching a horror film. 
  • Writing to-do lists. 
  • Having a good beauty reset; everything from washing my hair to shaving my legs.
  • Talking to my most loved ones.
  • Organising my iCal [seriously one of my greatest pleasures]. 

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What are your favourite things to-do with your free time?

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