A New Simplified Skincare Routine

It's all too easy to let your skincare routine get out of control. There are so many things to try that all promise such wondrous things. There is no wonder that before you know it you've got a routine consisting of twenty or so products. I'm currently in the process of trying to simplify my routine so that way the products that I do use are more effective. But so I also get the chance to get to know my complexion a little more. So here is the current process that I'm going through to try and simplify things. 


For years, I didn't really know what type of skin I had so was subsequently using the wrong products and making things a whole lot worse. Knowing what type of skin you have is integral for the base of a good routine. As I'm sure 90% of us don't have the funds to scamper off to a dermatologist it's important to do your own research. There are two books that stand out the most for me and they are Sali Hughes - Pretty Honest and Lauren Conrad - Beauty. Both offer a fool-proof guide to getting to know your skin type and it's traits.  However if you still don't feel certain then skincare counters like Liz Earle and Clarins have both been incredibly helpful to me in the past. 


Some people just want their skin to be clean and moisturised. For others, it's a little more complex and I'm one those people. I often wonder if I'm expecting a little too much. I'm all too aware that skin care can only do so much and lifestyle and diet are much more important. Here are the key things I want from my routine; 

  1. Deep cleansing
  2. Clarifying 
  3. Exfoliating 
  4. Hydrating 
  5. Scar reducing 


On a day to day basis I'm aiming to keep my routine a little something like;

  1. Cleanser
  2. Toner
  3. Serum
  4. Moisturiser

Then add in extra products if and when my skin needs them. I've always found that my skin responds well to a skincare routine with minimal products. 


MALIN + GOETZ CLEANSING OIL*: For my first cleanse to remove all my makeup I've used a micellar water for years. However, I've always felt so guilty about the amount of cotton wool that I get through in a day. So I've been trying something new and going with a cleansing oil. They feel so luxurious on the skin whilst removing all the makeup remnants ready for a second cleanse. On parched winter skin it's been the perfect remedy to inject a little bit of extra moisture too. 

OSKIA RENEISSANCE CLEANSING GEL*: After being a little skeptical about just how good this cleanser was, I'm now fully converted. The word gel is incredibly misleading as it's nothing like your stereotypical gel cleanser, it's much more like a balm in my opinion. It thoroughly cleanses the skin and the pumpkin enzymes brighten up the complexion which I've also found brilliant at helping to tackle breakouts and reducing the appearance of scars. 


SOAP & GLORY NO CLOGGS ALLOWED*: Finding a good clarifying mask is tough. I want something that will remove all the dirt and grime from my pores but not leave me with a face full of spots the day afterwards.  This S&G mask does just that, I know I can rely on it to keep my complexion clear and the self-heating function  feels amazing on the skin and is a great pick me up for the current climate. You can also use this as a manual exfoliant when removing it. 

LA ROCHE POSAY EFFACLAR DUO [+]: This will always be an integral part of my routine as long as they continue to make it. My skin is easily congested and my pores become quickly clogged. This is a daily serum to help keep on top of that. In other countries, this is formulated as a targeted spot treatment but in the UK, it's a serum. Ever since they reformulated it a couple of years ago they made it more nourishing and it also contains scar fading properties too. 


MERUMAYA GENTLE EXFOLIATING TONER*: I mentioned this toner in my latest beauty on trial post. Whilst I might not be smitten with how it feels on the skin I can't deny that it does what it says on the bottle. It brightens and clarifies the skin and whilst the stinging sensation isn't pleasant on breakouts. I've noticed that it does help clear them up relatively quickly. There are better options out there for me and my skin but it's something that for right now is part of my routine. 

CLAUDIA LOUCH MINT EXFOLIATOR*: As much as I prefer a chemical exfoliant over a manual one sometimes you can't beat having a good scrub. Of course, a good scrub means nothing too abrasive as I don't want to break down those precious capillaries in my skin. Claudia Louch skincare always works well for me and this mint exfoliator is no exception. These beads are just the right size and shape to slough away any dead skin cells which can weigh the complexion down without aggravating the skin. 


PESTLE & MORTAR HYDRATE*: This is probably one the best moisturisers I've discovered in a long time. If you've been a reader of my blog for a while you will know how much I loved the hyraluronic acid serum from Pestle & Mortar. They've just released this moisturiser and I had high hopes for it and those hopes were completely justified. In terms of ingredients and formulation it's quite different to what I usually go for but it seems to be working absolute wonders. It feels incredibly light weight on the skin whilst still managing to deliver a serious dose of hydration.  

THE BODY SHOP BOUNCY SLEEPING MASK*: When it comes to hydrating masks I prefer to go for something that I can leave on over night. The consistency of this mask is slightly strange, it's actually bouncy [like the name suggests] and feels almost jelly like to the touch. A small amount is all that you need to notice a difference in your complexion and with regular uses of this I always notice so much difference in the plumpness and elasticity of my skin. 


TONY MOLY SNAIL MASK: Although the Effaclar Duo [+] and whatever exfoliators I use generally help with the appearance of scarring I've found this slightly bizarre mask from Korean brand Tony Moly to be a great skincare addition. Whenever I used to hear about snail gel used in skincare products I rolled my eyes and thought it was just another fad. After using this mask on a regular basis, I noticed it was really helping some of the really deep set scars on my chin to look a lot better and fresh marks were barely noticeable. 

What is your current skincare routine like?

R x

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