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Homeware makes my heart flutter the same way that beauty does. If I could ever afford to go back to collage or university I'd definitely study to be an interior designer. So as I can't afford to regularly replace furniture or make West Elm orders whenever I like or train to be a designer. I've had to find small ways to update my interiors without spending a fortune. I'm forever finding and picking up little bits that can be added to my space seamlessly without making huge changes. Here are some of my favourite pieces to have and add into my space. 


If you've been reading my blog for a long time. You will probably know just how much I love flowers, faux or fresh. Of course, they're a luxury to have around and buying them regularly does become a pricey habit. However, there are much better faux ones on the market these days that aren't too expensive. Throughout the years, that I've been buying fresh flowers I've quickly discovered that some last weeks and some only last a few days. Here are my favourite long lasting options; 

  1. Carnations
  2. Eucalyptus 
  3. Baby's breath
  4. Gypsophila

To store my beloved blooms, I love finding different storage solutions. Whilst typical vases are so nice by going for something a little more experimental it can have so much more of a statement.  Kilner jars have been my go-to for years and I think you can get really creative with what you use. Pinterest has a tonne of DIY's available to spruce up your jars to make them a little more exciting. Painting or spray painting always seem to work well. 

pictures & PLANTS

Anytime I write a post related to interiors I can't help but mention plants. They're my absolute favourite thing to incorporate into my space and I'm always on the hunt for new ones to pick up. That I hopefully won't kill within a few days. As much as I love treating myself to a bunch of flowers I can't afford to do it all the time so a new house plant is much more cost effective. What initially got me into the whole greenery thing is cacti. I used to have a black thumb and killed pretty much everything I came into contact with. Of course, you can still kill cacti and I have lost a few in my time. I wrote an entire guide about keeping them alive [here] if you're a fellow plant murderer like I once was. 

Art is another thing I like to mention often because it's something that you can collect for years and make the pieces really sentimental to your space. It also makes the perfect gift for people and it doesn't always have to cost a fortune either, there are so many great artists on the likes of Etsy and Society 6 that don't charge the earth for prints. Often their work is downloadable too so you can print them yourself which is a great way to keep things reasonably cheap. 


I've been a candle girl for years. However, I know that unless I'm going to switch to soy I'm all too aware that standard scented candles aren't all too good for your air quality. As beautiful as they might smell. So over the past couple of months, I've been looking into alternative ways to keep my space smelling fresh. The Muji Aroma Diffuser has been on mental to buy list for years but it's expensive. After hunting online, I couldn't find anything hat quite fitted the bill in terms of design. I was wracking my brand and then I remembered there was a store in my local shopping centre that sold diffusers [online store here]. Out I came with an aroma diffuser and a few different scents for the same price as the Muji diffuser alone. I couldn't be happier with this little investment. It mists out scented vapour that instantly fills the room with your scent of choice. Of course, if you didn't want something electrical then reed diffusers are also a great alternative method. I've found that cheaper ones don't work as ones that are a little more expensive. However, Dunelm Mill has a huge range that isn't purse shatteringly expensive. 



Every season I try and replace my bed sheets with a new set and then I like to donate my old ones as long as they're still in ok condition. My bed is probably my favourite place in the entire world so it only makes sense that I like a good set of sheets. Good bedding doesn't have to cost a tonne of money either, H&M Home and TK Maxx are usually my favourite places to pick a new set up. After years of being loyal to IKEA sheets, I've strayed away from them because even though they come with 4 pillowcases they crease so badly and never seem to want iron out either. 

What are your favourite homeware pieces?

R x

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