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When it comes to my skin whether it be on my face or my body as of right now I tend to prefer to go for products that are kind and nourishing over anything else as the older I get the more I feel that's what I need. And the latest brand to join my skincare ranks is Cetraben and the products that I’ve been testing out have been exactly what my skin has needed as of late and here are all the details on them and a little more about the brand.

about cetraben

Cetraben is the first eczema-prone skincare brand to be approved by British Skincare Foundation. It’s a specialist product range developed to deal with things such as eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis and help soothe dry, flaky skin and protects irritable areas of our body. We’re all bound to suffer from one of those things in our lifetime and having products on hand that instantly feel kind to the area rather than aggravating it further is so important. Not only are Cetraben kind to us humans but they’re all vegan and cruelty-free too.


For my second PM and AM cleanse this is what I’ve been using and it’s been making my skin extremely happy. My complexion is going through some changes at the moment, it’s typically a little more oily in the warmer months but due to the weather being all over the place things are feeling pretty dry and lack lustre as the temperature is all over the place which always disrupts my skin's balance. This lovely cream cleanser is a two in one but I prefer to use it as a cleanser and it’s brilliant for after I’ve removed the bulk of my makeup to get off any last remnants of product hanging around as well cleansing without stripping it of any moisture. Once everything is removed my skin feels clean but undeniably soft which can be rare with a lot of products. As of right now, my complexion isn’t too spot prone but when the scheduled one pops up around that time of the month this has been brilliant as it’s incredibly kind to the breakout because it’s been formulated to soothe eczema-prone skin. A brilliant cleanser if you're a little more sensitive and do struggle with problematic areas.


Creams like this are a complete staple in my skincare routine, something that I know I can depend on to help out any area in need. Not only have I been struggling with a lot of dryness on the bridge of my nose and skin in the surrounding area but I’ve had some nasty bug bites and this beautiful rich cream has helped them heal. You only need a tiny amount of this massaged into the area in need and it instantly helps with any dryness and soreness that you might be experiencing. Even though it is such a thick rich cream it doesn’t feel heavy on the area that it’s been applied to and absorbs quickly so you don’t have to worry about it transferring onto clothing or bedding.


I’m sure like many others right now I’m shaving far more frequently than I do the rest of the year. And I love the feeling of freshly shaved legs but something I can struggle quite a lot with is ingrown hairs and shaving rash despite treating the skin as well as I can beforehand they can still be issues for me. This natural oatmeal cream has been my absolute saviour with more frequent shaving as not only does it leave my limbs feeling silky smooth but this helps so much with any problematic areas. So often moisturisers can sit on top of the skin for a while but this sinks into the skin so quickly after being massaged in and my skin stays soft for the entire day after I’ve applied this in the evening. It's not heavily scented which is perfect if you're not a fan of scent in your body products.

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