Your Weekend Reading, Watch & Listen List #11


Happy August! I always try so hard not to start these posts talking about the weather or how fast the year is going but it’s impossible. July was the hottest month on record and even though I certainly don’t want any more 38 degree days anytime soon I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to summer yet as I know this month is going to whizz by and before we know it we’ll be in September. The recent heatwave did mean staying in a little more with Josie & Edie as it wasn’t safe for them to be outside so I’ve got quite a good read, watch and listen list for you this week.

  • Queer Eye season 4 is out and I now can’t even get past the intro without crying.

  • I’m rewatching Orange Is The New Black now it’s finished and I forgot how much I loved the show, it’s so well written.

  • Louis Theroux did a new documentary with the most hated family in America, hands down one of the best that he’s ever done.

  • If you love greyhounds then Jenna Marbles took Bunny to the beach for the first time and it’s 15 minutes of pure joy.

  • Podcast wise I’m still listening to The High Low and I can’t get enough of it.

  • Fearne Cotton interviewed Mary Berry for Happy Place and it was a wonderful episode.

  • I’ve been listening to Jimmy Eat World - Futures and even all these years later it’s still one of the best albums ever.

  • This post about Instagram really speaks to me and I think we can probably all take something away from it.

  • I really want to start making Buddha Bowls so this is great inspiration from Michelle.

  • Taking all the loungewear inspiration from this post on Gal Meets Glam.

  • Carrie from WishWishWish has done a brilliant post on her camera equipment, I recently bought a Fujifilm XT2 and they really are fantastic.

  • Forever wishing I could bake like Molly Yeh, this rainbow cake is absolutely adorable.

  • This article on guilty pleasures was so interesting and sheds a new light on the term, also makes me feel far better about all my weird little quirks.

  • Sending this beautiful post on wedding dos & don’ts to my best friend immediately.

have a wonderful weekend!

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