A Stripe For Any Occassion


If you weren't aware of my absolute obsession with stripes by now then be warned, I bloody love stripes. They are one of the only patterns I find truly flattering and well there is never a bad occasion to wear something of a striped nature in my opinion. Over my years of collecting things with a nautical vibe, I've certainly learned what is good and what isn't and I think I've managed to get myself a stripe for any occasion and here are my favourites. 


the t-shirt

You might be shocked to know that I only have a couple of striped t-shirts in my collection and my favourite comes from Selected Femme. Hands down one of the best that I've ever found, it has the weightiness of a Breton but the sleeves and breathability of a t-shirt [obviously]. Another store that I love for a good striped T from is COS, they always have great options that last for years. Obviously, with it being so cold I don't tend to reach for a t-shirt in the colder months but with a good pair of shorts when it's warm, I love them.


the 3/4 length 

I wrote a post a few months ago that I regretted buying a 3/4 length Breton but I've really fallen in love with them again so here I am officially retracting my statement. My favourites come from Joules, they make incredible Breton's with a huge range of colours to choose from. And they're very reasonably priced, they're fantastic quality and wash beautifully as well as being readily available. Weirdly I don't find a proper Breton the easiest thing to find. They fit that traditional Breton quota for me, weighty and well cut which is exactly what I look for.


the traditional one 

One of the most expensive striped options that I own come from Armor Lux but I cannot rate them enough. When I think of a Breton they are what I think of and as they're from France then it's even more fitting. They're thick, beautifully soft and that traditional square cut that falls beautifully and goes with absolutely everything in my wardrobe. I've had mine for 3 years now and you wouldn't think it with how well it's held up, whenever I'm not sure what to wear it's what I reach for and it's what I instantly feel good in. They can be dressed up or down, transitioned throughout all the seasons and well, I just think they're pure clothing perfection. 


the practical one 

Since becoming a dog owner something I've definitely shopped more for than ever is practical clothing. And of course, my wardrobe wouldn't be complete without a practical striped option and this comes from Craghoppers*. It's a lightweight knit which is a necessity in the UK as the weather is far too unpredictable to be ever that far away from something warm. And one of the best things is that it has NosiLife protection which keeps you safe from insects and has antibacterial properties which is pretty darn amazing.



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