A Stripe Lovers Guide & My Favourite Ways To Style Them

Ah, stripes, how I love you more than most things in life. So we're all probably aware how much I love striped items and clothing and if I could only wear one pattern for the rest of my life it would be of the striped nature. And as I've not dedicated an entire post to them in a while I thought I'd share where I purchase my favourite Bretons from as I know that's it's a question that crops up regularly as well as how I'm currently styling them. They're without a doubt my favourite wardrobe piece to style as they can work for so many occasions. 

where to buy


If you want a true classic Breton from France then Armor-Lux is where to go. I purchased a couple of pieces from them a few years ago and they've aged so beautifully and they're the type of wardrobe staple that only gets better with age. They're a very classic slightly oversized slouchy but somewhat structured fit and they're weighty too which is exactly what I like in my Breton's as that means they can be easily transitioned through the seasons and worn whatever the weather. Their white & navy Breton is something I reach for constantly and I love that it's a true white rather than ecru as I find it gives it that edge of sophistication rather than being casual wardrobe piece. 


A good middle ground to shop from for Bretons that's easily accessible to everyone is Joules and it's typically where I head to if I'm in need of something new. They have a huge array of colour combinations and often they have fun little additions to their Bretons which is a nice twist on the classic style. They fit slightly differently to the Armor Lux and are slightly bigger and they generally tend to be a little longer which is something I prefer. Again they're a thick and weighty piece which makes them great for all seasons as well as of course all the different colour ways that you can find them in.


A place that houses all different types of striped offerings is ASOS and it's a great place to shop from as they carry so many brands at a number of different price points so you can find something that works for your style and budget. This is generally where I like to find my more simple stripes so striped t-shirts or thin long sleeved striped tops They aren't as much as an investment as the Breton and they're what I consider my 'fashion' stripes but I can always get a good couple of years out of the pieces that I purchase from ASOS. 








Where do you get your stripes from?

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