Spring Skincare Essentials For A Clear Complexion

For the first time in a long while I have a skincare routine that is made up completely of new products and I'm not using any old favourites. Which if you know me and you know my beauty posts is rare as I am a creature of habit and typically like to stick to what I know and love. My skin has been really clear now for a good few months which after last year and the breakout that never seemed to quite go away has made me incredibly happy. There are a few products in my current routine that I think have made a big change in my complexion and are batting away any transitional weather breakouts that I would usually struggle with in our current climate. 


REN EVERCALM CLEANSING MILK*: Typically I would use the same cleanser in the morning as I would in the evening but I've been switching it up a little. I've been going for a gentle cleansing milk and this option from Ren is like the name suggests very calming on the complexion and it cleanses the skin just enough to prep it for any products you might apply on top as well as getting rid of any dirt that has built up overnight but it's not at all stripping. It's formulated more towards a sensitive skin which makes it perfect if you know that your skin might be going through a tough time, which is something I typically struggle with when we're in between seasons. I think cleansing milks are a little underrated as they don't work wonders for issues such as brightening but for just gently cleansing the skin they're ideal in the morning as they leave the complexion beautifully soft. This isn't one to reach for of course if you're wanting it to remove makeup but for all other cleansing needs, you're good to go. 

ORIGINS ZERO OIL TONER*: Over the years of building up my tolerance to exfoliating toners, I can happily use them AM & PM and they're a staple for keeping my skin clear. I'm currently using the Origins zero oil toner* which has been on my radar for a while as I've tried most things from the brand but not their toners. This contains salicylic acid which is a great ingredient for gently exfoliating the skin and helping unclog pores. Then the aloe and glycerin helps to sooth and calm the skin from any redness or any breakouts that might be erupting. The palmetto is what helps control sebum production but it doesn't dry out the skin at all and of course, with the aloe and glycerin it counteracts it wonderfully.

ORIGINS MEGA MUSHROOM SERUM: As of right now, I don't have too many scars but my skin is a little red from where breakouts have been and this in combination with a retinol treatment at night has been working wonders on them. It's a slow burner of a serum and it takes a while to notice a different from but it feels lovely on the skin. It aims to repair the skin as well as sooth any active irritation from skin conditions or breakouts. It's a pricey one I'm not sure is totally worth the money for me [but I do believe it could be more effective on roscea]. The mask from the same range is incredibly good and ideal when you're struggling with breakouts. 

EMBROYLISSE LAIT CREME CONCENTRATE*: This is such a cult moisturiser and something that I've always stared at in Space NK and always convinced myself it was never going to be as good as everyone said. But it only took a few uses of this well-loved skincare product to see the effect it was having on my skin. It's a simple product there is no denying that but it makes the skin feel and look beautiful as well as creating a dreamy base for makeup. It contains vitamins and rich fatty acids which help to plump and smooth out the skin without weighing it down and making it too heavy. I can imagine this working for a number of different skin types as it is so simple but highly effective. 


PESTLE & MORTAR TWO STEP CLEANSING SYSTEM*: I'm still using the the Garnier Micellar water to get the main bulk of my makeup off but as my double cleanse I'm using this system from Pestle & Mortar, it's a two-step system [now sold separately and together] contains a cleansing balm and then a cleansing gel which melts to an oil. The balm isn't my favourite, I love what it does to my skin and how easily it gets rid of any remaining bits of makeup but it seems to get stuck in my lashes and after it's like I've rubbed vaseline in my eyes. The Renew [gel to oil] part of the cleansing duo is wonderful though and very much similar to the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel which has been a long-term favourite of mine. The gel melts down into an oil which feels incredibly comforting on the skin and again it removes anything that might be left over from the first cleanse. It contains natural fruit enzymes which naturally brightens as well as hydrating, my skin seriously loves anything with fruit enzymes and if you're sensitive to chemical exfoliants it might be a great option to look into. 

MERUMAYA RETINOL RESURFACING TREATMENT*: This is the real star of my skincare routine right now and one I've been excited to share. I've been curious to try anything with retinol in for a long time but I've never known where to start or quite understood it all and even now I'm not 100% on all the science of it. This contains Vitamin A which sloughs away at dead skin cells that might be lingering and helps to promote healthy cell turnover and I know this is what is helping my skin stay and look so clear as well as helping with discolouration and texture issues. Vitamin A is known for making the skin flake, become dry and generally a little irritated but in combination with the other ingredients, my skin has stayed hydrated and calm which is quite surprising. I only use this at night so it really gets the chance to get to work without interruption and I've found that I'm able to use this every night without any trouble.

ANTIPODES MANUKA HONEY EYE CREAM*: I've skipped back and forth from using eye cream for a while but now at 26 I feel like I should really start making the effort because the laugh lines are becoming very apparent. The Aura Manuka Honey mask from Antipodes is one of my long term skin favourites and the effect it has on my skin is awesome so I knew that the eye cream was more than likely going to be as just wonderful. The manuka honey is incredibly nourishing whilst the other ingredients work at helping the area look less puffy therefore less fatigued which is my main issue around my eyes as sometimes it looks like I have two sets of eye lids the puffiness is so bad. Eye creams are never going to be something you're able to tell instant results from unless it's something directly brightening but this is one of the nicest I've used for helping to calm the area. 

Toner and moisturiser are the same as AM! 

What skincare are you currently loving at the moment?

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