Achieving A Flawless Face Without The Base

When I'm not wearing makeup and smoothing out my complexion with a foundation I like to use some of my favourite perfecting skincare products. Personally, I prefer to make my skin look the best it can by taking good care of it so that I don't need to pile on heavy foundations. So I'm always on the hunt for something that can deliver a bounty of benefits whilst also making your skin look incredible without a smidgen of makeup. I've rounded up six of my personal best to share with you today. 

JURLIQUE CANDULA SOOTHING MOISTURISING CREAM: Eliminating redness in the skin is tricky, so many products claim that they can do just that but rarely do they deliver. One of the best I've ever found is the Jurlique Calendula Redness Rescue Soothing Moisturising Cream*. Not only does it help to soothe and calm the skin it's incredibly hydrating so if you suffer from dryness and redness it's the perfect candidate. Once that rouge shade has been toned down my complexion always looks so much more flawless. 

EBORTIAN CC CRÈME: Even if I'm going makeup free for the day I still like to reach for a primer. Just because I'm not priming for a base application doesn't mean I can't benefit from their perfecting properties. This CC creme from Korean brand Eborian is almost a hybrid between a primer and a moisturiser. It makes the skin look incredibly healthy. Like you've got an amazing skin friendly diet and getting 8 hours of sleep a night. Even if you haven't this is great for faking that look for you. 

CLAUDIA LOUCH CORRECTING PALETTE: Ok, so maybe this is cheating as I guess it would be classed as makeup? A palette like this is perfect for correcting any unsightly tones in the skin without using a multitude of concealers. It contains four shades to help tackle any skincare issues you might be facing such as redness or under the eye discolouration. Blending and a light application is key when using a product like this. A green chin is not a covetable look.  

TOO FACED HANGOVER X PRIMER: When you're skin is looking dehydrated, tired and just generally dire there is no way it's going to be looking flawless. This primer from Too Faced contains coconut water and probiotics which can make the dullest of skin look fresh and radiant. It's not one of those products that will make oily skin look like an oil slick, just nourished and healthy. 

CLINIQUE TURNAROUND DAYTIME MOISTURISER: Having a moisturiser with a little bit of tint has been a complete game changer in my routine. This product from Clinique not only has incredible skincare benefits but it's also incredible for perfecting the skin. It's hard to believe this isn't a hybrid makeup product as the tint offers coverage akin to a tinted moisturiser. During the summer months, this is the perfect product to reach for and something I cannot wait to use again. It eliminates all need for a primer and corrector, so if you're a minimal product lover this is a great option. 

CLINIQUE SUPERPRIMER: If an anti-redness moisturiser isn't your thing then maybe a primer is? The Clinique Anti-Redness Super Primer does all sorts of wonderful things to the skin, it soothes and smoothes any uneven areas of skin creating a more perfected look as well as helping ease any redness. When the skin looks a more uniform shade and texture I always find it instantly looks more healthy. 

What are your favourite skin perfecting products?

R x

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