The Importance Of Growing With Your Blog

Chances are that if you've been blogging for a long time you will have changed so much as a person. Which, of course, is only natural and part of life. However when you share any part of your life online and grow an audience it becomes slightly skewed. So many content creators that I've adored for years have slowly started to change and evolve their content as they've grown older but sometimes this is oddly discouraged online. Today I wanted to discuss the importance of growing with your blog and why it's not something to be shied away from. 


We're constantly changing and evolving on a daily basis. One of my favourite things about blogging is that it captures what you're feeling at that moment and records it. That doesn't mean that you have to feel that way forever, that's simply not possible. For example, there are plenty of beauty products that I used to love but now I feel pretty indifferent about them. Our perspectives on something can never stay the same, were constantly learning which is so important for personal growth. 


For a while I used to fear my readers, I used to fear doing something new or different or accepting brand work in the fear that my readers would turn against me. It sounds ridiculous but I know so many people who can relate to that fear. But I never started my blog to have thousands of readers, I started it for myself so that's who I should please before anyone else. Of course, it's important to treat the people who take the time to read and interact with whatever content you're creating with respect. As a blogger and as a reader, I see both sides but the only person who should be in control of you do online is yourself. 


We can never please everybody and that's ok. We're a world of people pleasers and it can be tough to hear that you're not someone else's cup of tea. As hard as that can be to hear it's not something we should ever take personally. When you think about it logically you know you cannot like everyone so why would you expect to be liked by everyone? This doesn't mean people automatically have the right to be rude or hateful but we're all entitled to a different opinion. 


So many of us struggle with change. I like routine but things have to develop as it's just part of life and subsequently blogging too. When you've found something that works for you and seems to be loved by other people it's only natural to want to stick with it. That process won't work forever and after a while, it will feel forced and contrived. Feeling scared and anxious is normal but those feelings can be a big motivator to push yourself. They should never deter you from achieving what you're really passionate about.  

What are your thoughts on this?

R x

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