All In The Name Of Voluminous Hair

If there is one thing that I know for sure it's that the quest for voluminous hair when you naturally look like an Afghan Hound isn't an easy one. Over the years I've certainly discovered a lot of awesome things and a lot of them have become staples in my routine. But like any beauty lover, I'm always on the hunt for something new and this time I've been giving something a go that made me roll my sceptical eyes before but now I'm quite the covert. So here are the details on that as well as a few current big hair loves. 


For some people, product build up isn't an issue if you're quite literally a shampoo and go kind of girl. But if you're a lover of other products whether they be volumising or moisturising they can build up in the hair and weigh it down. Which is the last thing you want when you're desperately trying to build volume. If you're a daily or even every other day washer I would be careful with how often you use something that is clarifying as they can dry the hair out ever so slightly and you really have to be careful if you have coloured hair too. But when on the quest to achieve some volume using something clarifying every so often works wonders. I like to do it either once or twice a month to give the tresses a good refresh. Getting all that dirt and grime truly out makes the hair not only feel awesome but it makes achieving a bouncy bonce so much easier. I've been using the OGX Eucalyptus & Mint* lately and it not only cleanses the hair thoroughly but it's also calming on the scalp. Of course, there is the classic option of the Bumble & Bumble Sunday Shampoo but that is a little more pricey and just strictly clarifies where this can do a little more.


Typically I don't use much heat on my hair to let it stay as healthy as possible. But on my journey to add some volume to my hair I've delved into the world of heated hair tools. Something that I've feared in the past after a bad experience with something that promised big hair but left me feeling scorched and sore. The Revlon Pro Collection Salon One Step Hair Dryer & Styler* is something that I never thought a heated hair brush could be. It's incredibly lightweight which you wouldn't imagine and the swivel cord means you're not wrapping it around your body when styling. I'm sure we've all had a battle with an electrical cord at some point and it's never fun to do. The large paddle design makes it incredibly easy to brush through the hair and detangle any knots and as the temperature sits at a comfortable level you don't have to worry about burning your hair. I don't dry my entire head with this although it wouldn't take very long but I use it to add volume at the root. I tend to flip my head over and brush my hair downwards so it provides a lot of volume from the root as well as allowing my hair to dry straight. Even though my hair is naturally quite good it does get a few weird kinks in it. The styler is incredibly easy to use and if you're someone just like to wear their hair straight with minimal effort this is a great tool to look into. As I use a lot of volumising products that work best when they're having heat applied to them it's been so good to give them quick blast of warmth which then gives me so much more volume, especially at the root at the front and back of my head which is where I typically struggle the most. 


PHYTO PHYTOVOLUME ACTIF*: This is a spray specifically designed for fine hair which is what I have. I have very fine hair but a somewhat good amount of it but that doesn't mean it's easy to achieve volume and it typically just falls very flat. So often anything that promises to add lift can make the hair feel dry and crispy but this feels incredibly light and adds a lot if bounce to the hair, especially at the root. This isn't something that is going to make your hair feel or appear thicker so you might want to look for other things for that but if you just strictly want a lift then this is a wonderful product. I use it when my hair is wet but it can be used on dry tresses for a refresh. 

BUMBLE AND BUMBLE THICKENING DRYSPUN FINISH*: A texture spray might not be for you if you're not a fan of a somewhat messy look but that's something I love. I want the effortless I kinda rolled out of bed look when actually I've spent a lot of time perfecting my hair to look like that. I've tried numerous texture sprays and as of right now I'm really liking this product from Bumble and Bumble. It gives the hair a little bit of hold as well as grit and a somewhat airy feel to it. You don't need a lot of this to achieve bigger hair at all and I prefer to use this when my hair is full styled just to finish it off.

MARIA NILA CREAM HEAT SPRAY*: A heat defence spray of any kind is so important when using any styling tool to try and protect your delicate tresses as much as possible. I've been using this cruelty-free and vegan product from the brand Maria Nila for years and it's not your typical heat protectant because it's a cream rather than a liquid. So it makes the hair feel so much softer and you never run the risk of that awful crunch which can be the case with some options out there. It's quite pricey I will say but it's something that has lasted me over two years so the cost per use is incredible.

Are you trying anything new in the name of volume?

- this post is in collaboration with Revlon but as always all thoughts are my own -

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty