Staying True To Yourself In The Blogging World When You Feel Like You No Longer Fit In

Although I might be making a sweeping statement here and could be completely wrong. I feel like most people who have been in the blogging world for a number of years either have been or might currently be going through the feeling of being a little bit lost. Whilst the blogging world is so much older than often the beauty world gives it credit for it's certainly evolved into something I could have never have imagined it would be. The homemade cosiness of blogs has now, for the most part, disappeared in favour for high-end editorial shots and sponsored content. And this isn't to say that's wrong because it's incredible and it's amazing to see what people have done with their internet space. But so many of us still crave that raw and realistic feel to blogging which is why so many of us we're attracted to it in the first place and I think it's normal to no longer feel like you fit in after a while. Especially when everything is so high end and luxury as that isn't something that is obtainable to the vast majority of us and it can make feel like you need to find your footing with blogging all over again. So here are a few things to bear in mind if you do feel a little lost.


It's very easy to believe that blogging is what it is and we can never change it but we can. The blogging world is what you make it for the most part, and even though they're obviously some things that can't possibly change, for the most part, we are completely in control. When blogging advice posts really became popular a few years ago it seemed like there was only one way to do things but that is complete bullshit. What works for one will never work for another in the exact same way and we all have different journey's to how we got to where we are now. And I'm pretty sure none of us got to that point because we followed someone else's footsteps or strategic plan. For whatever reason, you want to start a blog it is something that you truly have to make it work for you. Advice can be incredibly helpful when used in combination with your own thoughts there is no denying that but you need that passion before anything else.


The best thing about the internet apart from all the cute dog videos that live on it is the fact that it can never be full. There isn't a max capacity limit and there is room for everybody despite what others may say. And even being in the same genre as so many other girls we all have our own viewpoint and thought process that we all have something to offer this ever growing community. I think everyone has probably had the thought of 'well what do I have to offer when there are so many people already in this world?' but there is room for us all to have our voice and place in the blogging world. 


We all experience doubt and comparison at some point in our lives and it's rife in the blogging world. We all naturally want to share all the good things that happen to us but then when we're all faced with each others highlight rolls on a daily basis it can be incredibly overwhelming. Blogging just like life, in general, isn't a contest or a race to who can get to a certain point first, I'm sure we're all terrible for judging each other by the numbers but for so many out there that isn't what blogging is about at all. Putting our expectations of success onto other people isn't a fun game to play at all. We all put so much pressure on ourselves already that we don't need it from any other sources. 


I won't deny that for a while I became really down about the blogging world, well more so the people in it. The snide tweets and often entire posts targeted towards people became too much and it made the whole thing so unenjoyable to be around. Whether or not blogging is your job it's fair to say it won't be peaches and cream 24/7 but there certainly isn't any need for the majority of the negativity that goes around. There are some absolutely incredible people in the blogging world but it's just finding them. We can't all bond with everyone in the community just based on the fact that we have a blog and probably all love peony season a little too much. Finding the people who you connect with on a deeper level is so hard but they are there and they make this whole blogging thing so incredible. 


  • You're awesome and what you create is probably much better than you give it credit for. 
  • Everyone feels down and compares themselves from time to time.
  • Don't let the what if's? stop you from doing something you really want to do. 
  • No-one starts a blog and instantly knows exactly what they're doing, it's a long journey. 
  • Just because the industry is changing doesn't mean you can't be a part of it anymore. 

I'd love to know your thoughts on this?