All Your Warm Weather Essentials In One Place

The weather might not have got the memo that we're approaching Summer and are somehow in the month of May just yet. But we are, and that only means one thing for all us beauty lovers out there. And that is that it's time to add in a few warm weather essentials into our routines and this seasons Tili box* has made that a hundred times easier for us, they've thought of everything...


If you didn't catch this post from last month where I explain in much more detail about Tili then you might not know what this awesome little beauty box is. Tili stands for Try It, Love It and it's a quarterly beauty box from QVC. The best thing about Tili is that you're not tied into a pesky subscription service where you might end up paying for something that you won't use, so you get to see what is in the box and then decide if it's something you would like. Normally beauty subscription services tie you into something that might live to regret, but that isn't the case with this. 


In the Summer box you will find:

  • O.P.I Nail Polish – One of 8 shades from the new Fiji collection
  • Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish - a cult cream cleanser. 
  • Julia Farel Vitamin Shampoo & Conditioner duo - a deep cleansing shampoo with a nourishing conditioner to follow up. 
  • Benefit Roller Lash - a mascara that really adds length and curl to the lashes. 
  • IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream - Full coverage correcting cream. 
  • Alpha H Liquid Gold Rose - A cult liquid exfoliator that's taken a rosy turn. 
  • Vita Liberata 10 Minute Tan - a quick 10 minute product for a faux glow with the promise of no odour. 
  • Erno Laszlo Hydrate & Nourish Cleansing Duo - an oil and solid cleansing stick. 
  • Ultrasun Face SPF 30 - a simple lightweight SPF.  


BENEFIT ROLLER LASH: I've not used this mascara in years but going through my blog archives tells me it's something that I loved. Weirdly, it didn't get as much hype as the other cult mascara from Benefit, which isn't something I got on with at all. It's very much like the Maybelline Lash Sensational with the curved brush and elongating formulation. It's not a mascara that adds a tonne of volume which is typically something I like to go for but it does add a good amount of oomph to lashes regardless. For day to day for adding a lot of length and separation to the lashes it's absolutely perfect and the plastic curved brush really makes sure it hugs all of the lashes. The formulation is long lasting so it doesn't smudge up on my lid, which is something I usually struggle. Taking into account it's staying power it's not a total nightmare to remove and you can easily use an oil or cleansing water to remove it. 

ALPHA H LIQUID GOLD ROSE: Considering my love for a chemical exfoliant you might think that I would have tried this cult skincare product by now. But no, so my excitement was pretty high as it's something that's spoken about so much online and praised by so many beauty lovers. However, this is a little different to the original as it contains rose, which you might know is one of my all time favourite things to be included in skincare or in any type of beauty product. If you're not familiar with what Alpha H is it's a powerful overnight liquid peel that you can either use like you would a toner or forgo your moisturising products to really amp up the intensity of the results. It aims to help with fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, blackheads, blemishes, pigmentation, scarring and redness which are all things that concern me when it comes to my skin. When sweeping this over my skin I experienced a slight tingling sensation [it's important to note I use a chemical exfoliant on a daily basis so my tolerance is quite high] and was left with a quite frankly astoundingly smooth complexion. I never thought a liquid product could be so powerful but the way my skin feel and look was undeniable and in the morning things looked drastically brighter. This is a large sample size and I'm so excited to see what the long terms effects are as if they're anything like the first few uses I'm in for a treat. 

LIZ EARLE CLEANSE & POLISH: Probably one of my most spoken about skincare products on this blog by far. It's been a long-term skincare love of mine, 5 years to be exact and I still remember how much I loved this the first time I used it and that love is still there to this day. It's a classic cream cleanser with a formulation that can be used to simply cleanse the skin or to remove your makeup. Personally, I prefer to use it as a second cleanse so I can reap the hydrating benefits of it. The reason why this is such a cult product in my skincare routine is because no matter the condition of my skin it works well and can provide balance to a more oily complexion and can boost hydration when things are a little dryer. The rosemary, chamomile and eucalyptus are the key ingredients I find help keep things so calm and don't cause any irritation to active breakouts. You receive a 30ml size so a generous sample size to know whether or not this cult product is something that works for you. 

O.P.I NAIL POLISH: Way before my serious beauty loving days truly began something I have always truly adored is giving myself a good manicure. So you would expect me to have used O.P.I polish by this point in my life but it was a brand that I had only gazed at from afar. And recently I had a not so great experience with one of their infinite shine polishes [it would seem it was just the colour that was the issue, not the actual polish] so I was hesitant about how this cult formula might perform for me. They have a wide brush which makes them simple to apply to the nail and the formulation was opaque in two coats. This is one of the shades from their Summer Fiji collection [you get one of eight shades available] and it's not my typical go to shade but it's the perfect summer pedicure colour. Considering this isn't a gel formulation nor did I use a shine enhancing top coat it's incredibly glossy which is something I absolutely adore in my nail colours.

IT COSMETICS CC+ CREAM: A brand that isn't easy to get your hands on if you live in the UK is IT Cosmetics [you can purchase it on QVC, but in terms of being able to browse the products its unknown territory]. The CC cream is a product that's always highly praised with its ability to correct the skin and add coverage without feeling heavy at all. And I have a penchant for higher coverage bases that can help me achieve an absolutely flawless finish and I wasn't sure this was going to be able to stand up to the likes of those products in terms of coverage. But I was pretty astounded when I applied this and saw the amount of coverage it provided and it felt pretty much undetectable on the skin. It's a thick cream in the formulation so feels very kind to areas that are a little dryer but it's not overbearing on my more oil prone areas. Not only is it a product that offers up coverage but it has some skincare benefits too so if you want a multitasker then this might be something to look into. 


VITA LIBERATA 10 MINUTE TAN: It's pretty obvious that I don't need to state why having a natural tan whilst it might look pretty is terrible for your skin. And even though faking it might take a little longer it's much better for your wellbeing and something that can be done in 10 minutes with 0 odour sounds pretty fool proof to me. 

ERNO LASZLO HYDRATE & NOURISHING CLEANSING DUO: This an interesting little cleansing duo as it's a stick cleanser in combination with an oil that's directed towards dry and dehydrated skin. Chances are if you're venturing to a warmer climate than your skin might feel a little lacklustre from all the sun so anything that helps inject some nourishment back in could work wonders. 

ULTRASUN FACIAL SPF 30: Facial SPF's have come a long way and they're no longer sticky and heavy like they used to be. Whether you're going out in the sun all day or wearing makeup then making sure your skin is protected is so important, especially if you're a lover of chemical exfoliants. 

JULIA FAREL VITAMIN SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER: I love a deep cleansing shampoo to help get rid of any build up of product in the hair. And if you're going on holiday then your hair will be exposed to more so it might need the extra cleanse. As well as being able to give the hair a thorough cleanse it also nourishes the tresses too. Which on salty summer hair is the perfect combination. 

Do you like this look of the Summer box from Tili?

- this post is in collaboration with QVC & The Tili box, but all thoughts are my own -