An Ode To Jo Malone

Jo Malone is a brand that makes me my heart flutter just at the mere sight of the ivory and noir packaging. They've been my favourite perfume brand for the past few years and whenever I think about picking up a new scent I always make a B-line to the nearest counter or store. It's rare that I dedicate an entire post to something, but here is my ode to Jo Malone. 

WHITE JASMINE & MINT COLOGNE: My first foray into the JM world and what a beautiful way to begin our love affair. Mint is my all time favourite scent yet it's never something I can find in a perfume and I love that the jasmine isn't too overpowering as it's not a scent I love. It's incredibly fresh & crispy as mint is one of the top notes which makes it perfect for S/S and can be worn either day or night. What I love about Jo Malone is that their scents are always so unique that you never find anything similar available. 

PEONY & BLUSH SUEDE COLOGNE:  There is only one way to describe this scent and that is 'fizzy' it smells like sparkles and instantly reminds of champagne, in a good way. Another S/S scent for me as even though it's fresh it has a certain musk to it which I personally love as I have a real thing for masculine scents. If you're a fan of layering scents it's perfect in combination with Blackberry & Bay which leads me nicely onto my favourite Jo Malone offering. 

BLACKBERRY & BAY COLOGNE: This is the scent that I think I will probably wear on my wedding day because it's just so darn dreamy. It's tough to describe this, ever so slightly fresh upon first spritz but sweet at the same time yet not at all sickly. When it settles into the skin, the bay leaves make it a more masculine offering than my other Jo Malone scents. Bearing that in mind, it's not something I typically reach for in the warmer months, which is surprising considering as it does have such a fruity element to it. 

MIMOSA & CARDAMOM COLOGNE*: Say hello the latest release from the brand. This is totally unlike anything I've ever owned before and not in my usual fragrance comfort zone as it's quite spicy. If you're familiar with the Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt it reminds me a lot of that which is still on my list to pick up as that is a beautiful scent. Mimosa and cardamom aren't something I ever thought would work together but even though it's got a spicy element to it, it's not too much or causes you to get a headache. For me, this is a total A/W scent so the release has come just in time for those of us who want something new for the upcoming season. 

What are your favourite Jo Malone scents or products?

R x

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