Why Do You Read Blogs?

In the blogging world, we often talk about the reasons why we write blogs but rarely do we discuss the reasons why we read them. I thought it would be interesting for today's post to talk about how and why I got into reading blogs and then turn the question back around to you guys and see what sparks your interest in blogs. 

For me, I was aware of the world of photography blogs first and that is when I initially started my own blog. Then I hopped on over to Tumblr and a few of the girls that I followed over there had fashion blogs and that was my introduction into the whole beauty, fashion and lifestyle world. Once I found a few blogs, I was hooked and couldn't stop reading them and eagerly awaiting new posts. Blogs in that genre were almost like personal diaries back then so it was just like getting to know a friend and what clothes and makeup they were currently loving. I felt like I could totally trust what they were writing about (not always the case) as they weren't in the pages of a glossy magazine and it felt a lot more relatable. 

What I like in a blog changes depending on what type of blog I'm reading. When I'm reading a lifestyle blog I like to feel like I'm really getting to know the person behind it and that they are honest. Then when I'm reading a resource blog I want to learn something without being dictated to or being told that their way of doing things is the only way to do it. Beauty is a tricky one to pin down, I like to read about products whilst having some personality thrown in so I'm not reading a press release. Swatches aren't something I care for, it doesn't make a review any better for me as nothing looks on the same on everybody, we have Temptalia to see what shades are like. Then there are blogs that I read just for the photography, there are some incredibly talented people out there who inspire me with every post that they create. 

Showing personality is something that really attracts me to a blog, I'd never expect anyone to share their life story as over-sharing can be off-putting too but I like to know there is a real person behind the blog. I often hear people complaining that now blogs are so flashy and slick looking that it takes away from the honesty and the relatable aspects of them. This isn't something that I believe at all, I think you can have the nicest design, photography and everything else that goes in-between whilst still being a relatable person. I love seeing my favourite blogs evolve and change as the person behind them grows as once you've been reading a blog for a while you feel a certain connection to the person writing it. 

So now I've shared what I like in blogs and the reasoning why I read them I would love to know what attracts you to read blogs and what you like to take away from them. I'd also like to know why you read my blog? It's something I never get to ask you guys, but I'd love to be able to know the reason why.

R x

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