An Unexpected Flawless Base

It's been a long time since I've used a makeup item so good that I felt the need to write a post on it right away. I'm comfortable in my base routine, there so many in my collection that are incredible so I never really have the urge to try more. Until recently, I've built up quite the tan. So none of my usual picks suited my bronzed complexion so I was forced to try something new. I'd been using the Claudia Louch HD Foundation* and completely loving it but that all changed when the Clinique Even Better Foundation came into my possession. 

Any dedicated beauty lover will remember the advert for this, you know with the egg that looked flawless? It was the first high-end foundation that I ever really wanted to try but my skin was far too fair. That is is the only downside to this base, the fairest shade isn't fair at all, for me it's only suitable when I've got a serious glow. 

When I applied this foundation with my beloved Zoeva Sllk Finish Brush I was in awe with how flawless my skin appeared, it was like I'd never had a spot or visible pore in my life. I'd not even applied any primer underneath so it was all down to the base. You only need a small amount and it buffs in within seconds, it's a little thicker than your traditional liquid base. However, it blends in seamlessly, it doesn't gather, clump or cake together. I'm able to currently forego concealer at the moment, but this covers up any red patches or scars with ease. The coverage is so easily built up yet no matter how much you apply it doesn't result in a streaky complexion, just perfection. For a medium - full coverage affair I'm in awe of how natural this looks, possibly one of the best I've ever used. 

As you can tell I'm seriously in love this stuff, that's the best thing about not having any expectations about a base. When it is amazing, it blows you away. The lasting powder is awesome too, even without setting powder this has withstood a hot sweaty day without melting away and leaving me looking too shiny. There are two other factors that are making this base even better though. My current moisturiser of choice is the Clinique Turnaround Rejuvenating Moisturiser in Golden Glow, as it's got that little bit of a hint of tint it's making it easy for me to skip the primer. This moisturiser is absolutely ideal in the summer due it's tint but also because it's oil free which is a combination complexioned girls best friend. 

I could leave the power behind if I really wanted, but it's my beauty safety net so I usually apply it anyway. Like I said I'm more bronzed than usual which means I can use one of my favourite bases, the Tarte Amazonian Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation. I don't like to use this as a base as I think it makes for an awesome setting powder. It's silky smooth to apply so easily sets everything into place and helps prolong any base for hours. Using two foundations might sound like it would give you the ultimate cake complexion but it's the complete opposite, just smooth perfected skin. 

Have any beauty products surprised you recently?

R x

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