The Things That Inspire Me To Blog

Even though there is a plethora of 'advice' posts circulating the blogging world I never see much about the inspiration behind the blogs. What gives them the drive to create content? Why do they write about the topics that they do? So on and so forth. This is a topic that I've never properly covered when I've written about blogging in the past. So, I thought that I would share the inspiration behind my blog and the posts that I create. 


As we all fear sounding arrogant this is something that is probably true for all of us. My main inspiration behind my blog is me because without me then this blog wouldn't exist. Outside factors can, of course, be incredibly motivating but if you don't have the get-up and go yourself then it will never work. Blogging is the one thing I've ever really stuck to, it's crazy to think that one of the longest relationships I've ever had is with this internet space. I think we all forget that we're the reason our blogs exist in the first place and should give ourselves a lot more credit than we probably do.


When I started From Roses it was just before I started my third year at university. Constantly being set briefs to work to can be incredibly stifling for personal creativity. I wanted my own little space where I could do whatever I wanted and that is exactly what I do to this day. I love that I can set my own briefs for whatever post I want to create and work on something that truly makes me happy. There are no rules to blogging, not a single one despite what you might read. You can create whatever you like, whether it be an awesome DIY or a crazy makeup look, the only person who calls the shots is you. By having this creative freedom, it's really helped me hone in on my photography style and the images that I love to create. 


Although I generally write more lifestyle content right now beauty will always hold a special place to my heart. It's something excites me because of the relationship that I have with it. Without the beauty world, my skin would still be problematic and scarred and now I'm generally spot free which is a big deal for me. I thank the blogging world every single day for helping me discover so many incredible products that I would be little lost without now. I despair though when people say that if you're interested in beauty then your head is full of cotton wool and you're image obsessed. Why can't you write about beauty and still have other interests too? As Sali Huges says 'a woman can be passionate about literature and lipstick'. The two can go together, my awesome friend Grace is the perfect example of this she's got an incredible talent for writing about beauty whilst currently doing a post grad in History. Beauty blogging has a horrible stigma attached to it which is super sad. I think it's incredible that they're things out there that can boost your confidence by miles and give you that little extra spring in your step. No woman should ever have to apologise for caring about her skincare routine because others might stereotype her for being a ditzy idiot. 


80% of my ideas come from the smallest of things. The things you wouldn't even think you could take an idea from, but you can. As exciting as the blogging world & internet can be for getting ideas I always take the most inspiration from general day to day activities. It could be something as simple as having a conversation with my dad or when I'm walking Bella. 


My blog is my happy place. The place that brings so much joy to my life that I can't ever imagine not having some sort of online space like this. As I grow as a person and get older my little corner of the internet changes with me and I think it's incredible that in 10 years time I'm going to be able to look back and see what I was writing about and what was going on in my life. It also gives me an enormous sense of pride, I've created this entire thing, all 1000 posts are my hard work and I think that's awesome. 


I feel super fortunate to have such an amazing audience. The number one reason I blog is for myself and my own happiness, but I do feel that now I'm lucky enough to have a fairly large audience in front of me that I have a responsibility. When thinking of content now I always bear my audience in my mind because I think it's a matter of respect, I'm sure that plenty of people wouldn't agree with me here. Of course, I can't please everybody but it's a big factor for me when taking content into consideration. I want to make From Roses as awesome as it can be not only for me but for the people who take the time to visit my space too. 

What inspires you to blog?

R x

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