Anti-Haul: Beauty Edition


The rise of the anti-haul in the blogging world is something that I've absolutely loved seeing. As much as I enjoy writing about the things that I enjoy I can't deny that I love talking about the things that I don't like. I'm not sure what it is, it's like the disappointing product videos on YouTube, if one of those pops up in my subscription feed I'm instantly drawn to it. Could it possibly be a British thing where we all love a good moan about something? Mostly about the weather of course but having a good whinge does seem to be a very British trait. Anyway, enough talk about why I love these types of posts so much and here is the beauty anti-haul...

P.S if you're not familiar with the concept of the anti-haul it's something that began on YouTube where Kimberly Clarke discussed all the things that she wasn't going to buy. 


This is probably the most popular beauty tool on the market right now? Correct me if I'm wrong but so many people swear by the Beauty Blender but it's just not something I find myself drawn to. I absolutely love beauty tools, especially makeup brushes as they've completely changed the way that I apply my products and I don't think anything will ever pull me away from them. Maybe it's because a sponge it's something that I worry just breeds bacteria like crazy. Even though I know you can wash them you can't get really deep in there and it haunts me slightly.


Whenever Urban Decay releases something new it always takes the blogging world by storm and of course their latest palette to join the Naked family is causing the same amount of hype. And from what I've used from Urban Decay in the past I've always really enjoyed their products, the formulation is lovely and the shadows always stayed on my lids. And it's not because I don't think the UD palettes are worth it because there is a reason they're so popular but it's just the colours in this palette that really put me off. They're very warm toned, a lot of reds and cranberries which look absolutely beautiful on so many people but I'm just not one of them. I've been a little braver over the past few months with my shadow choice and gone a little more bronzey than my typical champagne options. But I don't think a red eye is ever going to be something I want. 


There was a stage of my life where I used to adore looking in Lush and their bath bombs were something that I regularly treated myself to. And they do have some really beautiful products, especially their shower gels which are something that I've used and really liked in the past. But it's just not a store I find myself gravitating towards anymore. Their most popular products are obviously their bath bombs and fizzes and yes they are lovely to use but spending close to £5 for one bath just isn't for me. And now I'm a little older when it does come to those products I can't help but think that they might give me a water infection. Which I'm sure they probably wouldn't but a bright turquoise bath doesn't fill me hope. I can't deny they do make a wonderful gift for someone who loves baths but I think I'll just stick to my bubbles, oils and milks from now on when it comes to baths. 


Last year there was a lot of talk about Sunday Riley and their apparently wondrous skin care. Which is something that I've always liked the look of I'll admit but the price point is just far too high for me. I don't mind spending money on my skin at all, ultimately I only have one face and it is a priority to me and whilst I have the money to be able to spend more on it then I will. But at £85 for a serum, I just don't think I could ever feel comfortable purchasing from the brand. And whilst there might not be products on the lower end of the price scale that do the exact same thing. That's ok because I use plenty of products that are more affordable and make my skin look awesome. There is a lot of pressure on people to spend a tonne of money on their skin but so many just simply don't have the budget for it. One of the best things I will probably ever take away from Sali Hughes is that if you can't shop from high-end brands then shop from the brands that have huge research budgets as they probably have awesome products. 


A brand that makes my heart flutter is Tom Ford, I think their beauty products are absolutely beautiful. Especially their lipsticks and I remember that I was seriously considering buying one for such a long time but when I found out that they cost more than my weekly food shop I quickly stopped gazing at them longingly. And when it comes to fragrance it is something that I typically do spend more on. But if there is one high brand that I'm not into at all when it comes to fragrance it's Tom Ford. Maybe it's because I've not found one that's for me but whenever I have smelt them they're so overwhelming and far too strong. And I like my fragrance to be punchy and strong enough that I can smell all day but not so pungent that it makes me feel nauseous.


I'm very fussy when it comes to hairbrushes and weirdly they're something that can be quite expensive. When I discovered the Tangle Teezer it completely changed how I brushed my hair and I was no longer tugging at my head for a good hour a day as my hair is so easily knotted up. And a lot of people strayed from the Tangle Teezer for The Wet Brush because they wanted a handle and sometimes I do miss the ease of having a handle but there is just something about it that I can't quite buy into. Maybe it's because I know the Tangle Teezer works with ease, especially since I chopped my long tresses it's even better than before. And I love the fact that I can also share it with my dog, if TT don't go into pet brushes they're really missing out on a huge market.

What are the beauty products you won't be buying?

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