A/W Capsule Wardrobe Additions

This year I've been going for a more capsule wardrobe [see this post here] and with the arrival of a new season that means I've been shopping for a few new staple pieces. I've said it before and I've said it again, I don't love dressing for the colder months as I just love the simplicity of S/S outfits, but I've found some awesome items to see me through the next few months. 


Maybe it's just me, but I find the female knitwear section absolutely rubbish. All the jumpers are either really thin or cropped, so a few years ago I decided to look around the mens knitwear section and I've not looked back since. Not only are they much cheaper but they are thicker, longer and just a whole lot better. The styles tend to be so much more classic and no strange slogans in sight, just nice knitwear. As they tend to be much longer you can often get away as wearing them as a jumper dress too if you're petite. My favourite find this year has been from Next, a beautiful forest green waffle knit that is the perfect addition to any winter wardrobe. 


Most years I've gone for a smart winter coat but in reality I've not worn out the coat that I bought a couple of years ago so it seemed pointless to buy another one. So I went for a new parka this year, I struggle with parkas as I've found that they can really swamp me. This year's find was from F&F at Tesco, I think many wouldn't believe you could find a coat that rivals the likes of Topshop, H&M or Zara where they can also buy your cereal. I'm on the smaller side of a size 6 and this coat fits me perfectly, it's so well made and I love the gold detailing against the deep  olive green shade. 


My love for the tote bag is well known, I absolutely adore the style of them but I know they are terrible for my posture. Radley London were kind enough to gift me the beautiful Millbank Bag*. I love the simple design and the grey shade with gold detailing is absolutely dreamy. It's a small enough shape that I can still fit in all my essentials like; purse, phone, keys, lip balm, mirror and hand cream. Not having the extra room available means I'm not packing my bag full with the likes of my MacBook and books. One of the main problems I have with a tote bag is it not being really secure but this has a flap and a zip to make sure my essentials are safely hidden away. 


I'd rather wear a dress instead of jeans any day but I still like to have a good pair in my wardrobe and it was time to renew my faithful Joni jeans. The high waisted style means they suck everything and I find they are more comfortable to wear throughout the day then something with a low rise which tends to slip. I've got the coated style this year after falling in love with it last A/W. It adds a little something extra to the classic black jean and if you wanted then you could easily dress them up to be more evening appropriate. Topshop is my go to for jeans as they have a huge range of styles so you can find anything you like and their sizing is good for me. They need replacing every 6-8 months I find but at £40 a pair I find that to be pretty reasonable as they are a great daily staple. 


I'm very loyal to my shoes and once I buy a pair I love I will wear them till they are falling off my feet. As I've got all the smart shoes I need I've added a more comfortable everyday style into my collection with a pair of loafers. I've been a huge fan of the moccasin loafer style for years, but a good pair is hard to find. Of course, suede isn't the best in the rain but with a good suede protectant you can make sure they are safe for general wear. If you can find some with a sheepskin lining then you're in for even more of a treat as they keep your feet incredibly warm against the cold. 


I'm not sure this can be classed as a capsule wardrobe addition but thermals have become a huge staple in my wardrobe. Not only have I been putting them under clothes but I've been wearing them when I'm just lounging round at home to keep me warm. I struggle with the weather and staying warm but by layering up with a thermal it's completely changed my winter wardrobe as I don't need multiple thick layers to keep me toasty and no one knows that you're wearing one. Next on my shopping list is a pair of thermal leggings. 


I've stuck to my capsule wardrobe rules pretty well, but I've made an allowance for this seasonal number. It's no secret that I'm not the most festive person on the planet so, therefore, I've never had a Christmas jumper, until now. Fairisle print is something that I absolutely adore and in combination with a deep plum Fat Face* have created the perfect festive jumper for those of us who don't dig the season that much. 

What have you been adding to your wardrobe recently?

R x

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