Things To Do When You're Feeling A Little Lost

Feeling lost is just part of life. Good or bad it's something that we all encounter at some point and when you do feel totally lost it can be really scary. There have been so many times this year where I've felt like I have no idea what I'm doing or where I'm going. There have been a few things that have helped me come from back from feeling that way and here are some of my favourite ways to do so. 

  1. Write down your morals and values.
  2. Remind yourself of what you actually want in life not the things you think you need. 
  3. Think about what truly makes you happy and what doesn't and remove any unnecessary negativity. 
  4. Trust yourself more with your decisions. 
  5. Be your own encouragement. 
  6. Remember that you're not the only one feeling this way. 
  7. Look at your achievements and celebrate them, no matter how small. 
  8. Be proud of your own goals instead of thinking that they aren't good enough.
  9. Say what you're afraid of out loud, suddenly things don't seem so scary. 
  10. There is no time limit to what you can achieve. 
  11. Don't let other peoples morals and values get in your head too much. 
  12. Enjoy the now and be more present in the moment. 
  13. Stop comparing your beginning to someone else's middle. 
  14. Talk to a loved one and share your worries. 
  15. Remember that nothing is permanent. 

What do you do when you feel lost? 

R x

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