Awesome Beauty Brands You Might Not Have Heard About

There are so many awesome brands that I use on a daily basis that I would have never known about if it wasn't for the blogging world. And I think that's one of the most amazing things about this industry. It can introduce us to so many things that we would have never known about otherwise. So I've rounded some of my favourite brands that you might not know about, but you should because they're all awesome. 


I think we're all aware that H&M make pretty homeware pieces and great wardrobe staples. But their beauty products after the initial buzz died down aren't something I hear all that much about. And it's not too hard to understand why when you can get your beauty products in the same place that you're buying your new cushion covers and running leggings from. You're probably going to dismiss the quality. But everything I've tried is beautiful, especially their nail polishes that are comparable to the likes of Essie in not their only design and formulation but their dreamy shade range too. The price point is akin to a brand like Rimmel which is another awesome high street brand. 


Ogario is haircare brand founded by the independent Ogario salon that's based in London. They're a luxe haircare brand but they're one that really works and isn't just a lot of marketing jargon. They use ingredients that are really beneficial the hair instead of being jam packed full of silicones [which feel great at the time but don't actually do anything beneficial]. I've always sat on the fence when it comes to spending a little more on your haircare but as my hair is seriously lengthy. I've found that it really needs that extra love and the ingredients that are used in Ogario products work incredibly well for me. The brand sits at a similar price point to the likes of Bumble and Bumble so it's not too budget busting. 


The beauty world will always have a soft spot for French skincare and it's not too hard to understand why as they have such an incredible range for so many different budgets and skin types. Gallinée is a brand who have something in their products that I've never used before. And that is probiotics, which is something that I've only ever heard about being included in yoghurt drinks. To put it simply what the brand has done is taken microbiome [good bacteria that lives inside of you] and put it into skincare. So we're keeping on top of the damage that lifestyle choice, diet and general day to day living can do to the skin. And don't worry even though they're a French brand you can get hold of them relatively easily in the UK. 

What are your favourite under the radar beauty products?

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