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Getting lost in a good book is something that I enjoy all year round. But even more so in A/W when the weather is less than desirable and a duvet fort seems like it's the only place to be. Here are my favourite books in my collection that are absolutely perfect for the season. 


I highly doubt there are any Potter fans out there who haven't read this follow up to the series. It's in play format which is something that I found incredibly easy to read but I appreciate it's not for everyone. The plot line follows Harry and Malfoy's son going through Hogwarts and the difficulties and trouble they get into. There are some parts of the book that I wasn't all that keen on but it's still a fantastic read and I couldn't get my head out of it. There is something about Harry Potter that always screams winter to me, probably down to the intricate details of the Christmas scenes that always feel so magical. As there is a new book to the series it's the perfect time to re-read them all too. 


Little Women starts at Christmas so it's the perfect book to read in the cooler months. It's a lengthy story that follows the March sisters through many years. And even though there are so many tragic heartbreaking scenes throughout the book. The relationships between the March sisters is something that will give you that warm fuzzy feeling no matter what.  Due to the sheer size of this book and the time period that it was written it does take a little while to get used to and fully enthralled in. But once you're used to the dialogue it's such an awesome book that is absolutely perfect for this time of year. And yes you will want to put it in the fridge like Joey does in F.R.I.E.N.D.S when you get to that particular scene. 


A/W can be a really tough time for anyone's mental state when the days are incredibly short and sunlight is limited. Reasons To Stay Alive is the perfect book to read when you can feel your mental health under strain. It's such a beautiful read, even though it's so short it can make you feel better within a few pages. It's something that I've come back to so many times this year and will probably continue to do so. And it's something that I think even if you don't struggle with your mental health it's worth giving a read as it makes you truly grateful to be alive. 


This book is pure escapism from real life, it's like a fairy tale for adult life and it talks about a topic that's not often discussed in books.  It's set in 1920's Alaska and it follows an elderly couple who have never been able to have a child but it's something they both desperately crave. And one evening after building a snow-girl their lives are changed forever. It's an incredibly easy book to read which makes it perfect to curl up with after a long stressful day. 


I couldn't possibly write this post without including Donna Tartt's books. After reading The Secret History and The Goldfinch she quickly became on my favourite authors as her writing style is so intricate and captivating that you really become immersed in her books. Even though they are quite lengthy I don't find them to drag on or make you want to flick forwards. The Goldfinch follows Theo Decker from being a teenager facing a life changing catastrophe to adult life where he faces so many more tribulations. Whilst The Secret History follows 6 classics students in Vermont. The story is narrated by the main character Richard who talks us through the tale of how one of the group came to be murdered. For a female writer, the way that Tartt writes about men is truly remarkable. 


What will you be reading this A/W?

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