Awesome Beauty Brands You Might Not Know About


Doing what I do for a living means I'm in an incredibly fortunate place where I get to try out beauty brands as part of my job. And even though I'm such a creature of habit I do love to discover new things because you never know what you might find. So here are all the new brands that I've been getting to know recently and there are a few that you might not have heard of before.



A brand born in Melbourne, Australia in 2007 was Sukin and it's quickly become on the most popular brands in the country. They aim to deliver products that are efficient, sustainable and natural that won't leave your purse weeping. Their products are not only cruelty-free and vegan but their ingredients are naturally derived so you know this is a no nonsense brand. If this a brand that tickles your fancy and you live in the UK there is no need to worry as it's available in Boots and their products are incredibly well priced. Think along the same price lines as Garnier and Simple but they're CF and Vegan which is awesome to have such an affordable option available to us. I've been trying out a body cream and their Paw Paw Ointment* which has been keeping my lips soft and supple.


Sadly there is little information out there online about Evoluderm but from what I can grasp it is, of course, a French brand. Meaning if you're familiar with the French pharmacy you will probably have seen their products before and I've also spotted them in T K Maxx quite often which is great if you're in the UK. It's a body, skin and hair care brand that offers practical products, there are no frills and ludicrous claims here they just work. They're not heavily scented which I know is an issue for some but the most important thing is that these products work and do exactly what they say on the bottle. Coming from the French pharmacy this isn't much of a surprise because their products are always superb, simple but brilliant. 



Another Australian brand is Eye Of Horus. They've got such an interesting story behind their brand, they take inspiration from the ancient Egyptians who apparently wore eye makeup as they believed it gave the wearer protection and magical powers. It's a beauty brand that contains natural products [some items are vegan] and they're not tested on animals either so if you're after an awesome brand that are cruelty-free then it might be something of interest you. A product that I've absolutely adored from them is their Brow Fibre Extend* which is beautiful ran through the brows to help fill in any sparse areas and set the brows into place all day.



Trish McEvoy is a brand that I've heard about from various beauty publications over the years but I've never seen it get a tonne of coverage through blogs. It's a brand that was founded in the 70's and it all started with makeup tools after the founder [Trish] became frustrated with the tools that came free with beauty products.  This then led her to create more products as well as the cult beauty planner which I'm sure we've all heard of. I've been testing out a couple of items from the brand and one that I've really fallen for is a skincare product. The Beta Hydroxy Daily Exfoliating Pads* are a chemical exfoliant in pad form that are safe enough to use daily. What I adore about these pads is that you can really feel them getting to work on the skin and they instantly brighten and lift the skin.


I've mentioned the adorable Bilou brand a few times on this blog as I'm just so in love with their body care products but I thought I'd shine some light on the story behind them. The brand comes from a beauty YouTuber Bibi and in 2014 she decided that she wanted to create a product and so Bilou was born. It's such a fun body care brand and the products not only smell absolutely incredibly but perform too. And they're another brand who are Vegan-friendly which is awesome and they sit comfortably on the price scale in terms of body products too.



When it comes to trying out products that promise volume and thickness I'm always a willing participant because my hair is so naturally lacklustre. And this year I've really struggled with my hair falling out so thickness is something that I've really craved and this brand well one line [the Anti-Ageing & Volume range*] in particular has been a great discovery. I can't say I understand all the science behind it all but all I do know is that it works and it visibly makes my hair thicker and really gives it a good lift at the root without weighing it down or making it feel heavy. They're available in Boots and aren't too expensive so a good option if you also struggle with thickness. 



I'm not all that familiar with the world of organic beauty and I've said before but when it comes to green and natural beauty I'm a little naive and just think the products won't be very effective. But an organic brand that I'm really enjoying right now is Evolve. They're a small batch company which means they produce their products in small quantities to ensure freshness as well as being cruelty-free and vegan. As well as being small batch everything is handcrafted and made with natural ingredients. And it takes a lot to wow me when it comes to body exfoliators but their Tropical Blossom Body Polish* is absolutely superb. It makes my body feel absolutely beautiful, so smooth yet so nourished which is a tough brief to meet.


I'd heard of this brand from a few blogs as it comes from the creator of Soap & Glory so you already know it's more than likely going to be good. Her main aim with this brand was to create a bath and body brand that contains 90% naturally derived ingredients and is good for the environment. And the products are awesome, I mean obviously, a hand wash is never the most exciting purchase in the world but it doesn't leave my hands feeling tight or dry and it's also a wonderful product for keeping your makeup brushes in check too. As well as 90% naturally derived ingredients all the packaging is recyclable too which is awesome and the products don't contain plastic microbeads, parabens, or phthalates.


What are your favourite under the radar beauty brands?

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