Bases & Brands That Are Great For Pale Skin

Finding a good foundation formulation that works with your skin, is suitable for multiple occasions and isn't purse weepingly expensive isn't an easy task. Let alone taking into consideration the difficulty of finding an accurate shade for your skin. There are so many inconsistencies and issues in the beauty world when it comes to this. It's problematic in so many areas and I really hope that brands are working on this as it's completely unacceptable that women of colour are excluded from the vast majority of shade ranges. As a pale girl I've experienced issues from the complete opposite end of the spectrum but luckily there are a few brands and lines that do cater towards pale skin well and they're just not high end either which used to be a big issue. 

RIMMEL MATCH PERFECTION: Not only is this one of my all time favourite high street bases due to its beautiful formulation but it's one of the only base products from the brand that can work on a pale skin. Another popular line from the brand is the Wake Me Up range but the shade selection has to be one of the worst I've ever seen. I have the shade 010 Porcelain which I believe is the palest shade in the line and it's a great neutral, it doesn't lean too pink or too yellow. The formulation works all year round as it can deal with oily patches but also works well with dry areas and glides over them with ease. Rather than accentuating them which can so often be an issue with any base. It delivers a solid medium coverage and covers up the majority of imperfections with ease but it can be built up for the areas that need the extra help. For the price of this foundation it behaves exactly like a high-end base, the only downside is the wear time but that is easily prolonged with the use of a powder and a primer. 

YSL YOUTH LIBERATOR & LE TEINT TOUCHE ECLAT FOUNDATION: Of course, YSL is a high-end brand and their products are super expensive but I do believe they have one of the best shade ranges out there for their foundations. Two of my all time favourite bases come from the brand. The Le Teint Touche Eclat is stunning when applied to the skin and instantly adds radiance and life to the dullest of complexions. And whenever my skin is looking dire this is what I reach for as it's just so beautiful on the skin. It's pretty light in its coverage but it's easy to build it up to cover anything you might need it to. And the Youth Liberator foundation is my do it all base and there aren't any weaknesses in the wear time or formulation of this base. It applies like a dream, covers everything and has incredible lasting power. The only downside to YSL foundations apart from them being super expensive is that they contain fragrance which can be irritating for some people's skin. 

L'OREAL TRUE MATCH: There are a whopping 33 shades available in the True Match range which is pretty incredible for a high street brand. A few years ago this base really had it's heydey in the blogging world and it's still one I reach for on a regular basis as it's a wonderful day to day option. It's quite natural on the skin due to its almost matte finish and even though it has a medium coverage it still retains a natural look. As it is a little more matte in formulation it can cling to dry patches of skin. So you have to be careful with prepping the complexion and make sure it's properly nourished and primed. 

CLINIQUE SUPERBALANCED SILK FOUNDATION*: It's a real shame that Clinique's shade range isn't as varied across the board as it is in the Superbalanced range. Their Even Better foundation is one of my all time favourite bases but the colour range is absolutely dire if you're pale. Their lightest option is only suitable when I'm at my most tanned in the summer months and would look utterly ridiculous on my usual snowy complexion. However, their newly released SuperBalanced Silk Foundation has a much better shade range and it's got an awesome formulation. Like the name suggests it's a balancing base so it works to hydrate dry areas but it then works to help keep oily areas under control throughout the day. It looks beautiful on the skin and covers up the vast majority of imperfections. It's a traditional liquid formula so it blends with ease but the packaging is a little bit of a pain and it's not easy to dispense the right amount at all. Packaging issue aside, however, it's a really lovely new addition to the line. 

BAREMINERALS BASES*: Over the past year or so I've become quite the convert to BareMinerals, it's always a brand that I thought just did one thing but their product range is absolutely huge. From their powder foundations to their complexion rescue they have a vast range of formulations that all cater to a wide shade range. I absolutely love the powder foundations from the range, their new Base Pro range is absolutely stunning on the skin and in combination with a liquid base it creates a truly flawless finish. The Blemish Remedy powder was a staple in my makeup bag all throughout last A/W and early this year. Even though loose powder is a real hassle to use this one is well worth it as it not only glides over blemishes and breakouts. But it can also help soothe them as it contains Tea Tree which is a well-known ingredient for helping with problematic skin. 

MAKE UP FOREVER BASES*: Make Up Forever is a brand that us UK beauty lovers don't have a lot of access to but they have a wonderful shade range. Their cult classic Ultra Hd Foundation now has over 40 shades available which is pretty incredible and probably on the biggest reasons why it's a staple brand in any MUA's kit. The Ultra HD foundation is such an awesome base and it's not too hard to understand why it has such a cult status in the beauty world. It has medium to full coverage but it feels incredibly lightweight on the skin and is barely detectable once applied. And then there is the latest base release from the brand is the Water Blend Foundation*. Which like you would expect is water based foundation so you need to shake it well to make sure the formulation is mixed properly. It's quite sheer in terms of coverage but it adds a beautiful boost of radiance to the complexion. 


What are your favourite bases and brands for pale skin?

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