Why It's So Important To Remain True To Yourself In Blogging

Today's post might seem like something that is super obvious but I don't think it's a topic that's spoken about enough in the blogging. In our ever growing internet world, there is a lot of pressure to fit in whether we realise it or not. And it's all too easy to let things get to you and then start taking on aims and goals that you're not too sure about but because everyone else is doing them you feel the pressure to follow suit. Of course, this is something that's a big part of real life as well but today I wanted to talk about why it's so important to stay true to yourself when it comes to the online world. 


This is something that I'm completely guilty of. When I first started blogging 5 years ago I thought there was one way to write about beauty. And subsequently, spent far too much time doubting myself because I wasn't doing what the big bloggers we're doing. And it's taken me so long to realise that not following in the footsteps of other people is one of the most important things you can do online. The reason why people turn to blogs is because there is such a large variance in the people writing them. If we're all the same then there's no point. Here is a couple of thing's that I thought I needed to do in blogging but I'm so glad I've never done them;

  1. YouTube: The vast majority of people who have a blog will more than likely then go over to YouTube but it's never something I've wanted to do. Just the thought of it makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable and I have a lot of issues with some of the communities on the platform as I don't think it's safe, especially for younger viewers.
  2. Not being local to London: I live smack bang in the middle of the North and The Midlands so getting down to London isn't impossible but it's far too expensive for me to consider doing even once a month. Yes, it's great for connecting with other bloggers and brands but to have awesome content you don't have to be anywhere near the capital. 


To me blogging has always been people sharing their opinions at that moment in time, they're not facts and they're not set in stone. And it's one of the reasons why blogging is so popular because we're all just sharing our own story whatever it might be. Of course, there those websites out there who are very matter of factly in their tone and believe their way is the only way to do something. But that doesn't mean everyone is like that in the blogging world. I think so often people feel belittled by others for their choices and feel like they have to apologise for them. But in reality, if said thing isn't having any affect on anyone else then you should never feel the need to apologise for it. We're all allowed to feel passionate about whatever we want. 

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Seeing people do well can always spark bitterness, jealousy and a weird annoyance in others. And more often than not it's a momentary feeling and doesn't last long unless you let it fester. Those feelings probably don't even relate to the person who sparked them it's always something that relates to our own life. And I know how easy it is to become frustrated when it feels like you're doing nothing but work and feel like you're not getting anywhere. But supporting others never ever takes away from your hard work and effort and it feels awesome too. Success is such a personal matter and it's never just measured in wealth and numbers. 


No matter what you do online, whether you blog every day or once a month you're probably doing a much better job than you think you are. The blogging world is full of incredible people and it's all too easy to beat yourself up and feel like you're not quite as good as everyone else but we're all doing just fine. I know it a little bit laughable but it's something that we can probably all do with being reminded of every now and again. Staying true to yourself, doing what you feel passionate about and having pride in that is so important and no-one has the right to tell you anything different. 

What are your thoughts on this?

R x

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