Beautiful Lashes 101

The beauty area that I take the most love and care over is my lashes. Mascara has always been an integral part of my routine as it completely changes how awake I look. Even though my tresses are naturally dark my lashes haven't followed suit and are oddly quite light and often I can look like I have very sparse lashes when I don't. There is so much more to big beautiful lashes than your mascara choice so today I'm sharing my 101 guide. 


Isn't it strange that we're all desperate to find the mascara that will fake beautiful lashes for you instead of taking care of what you've already got? It's not something that I've been practicing for long but it's made such a big difference in my lash health. In the past, I've had a really bad habit of pulling them out when stressed and upset so obviously, that results in sparse patches. Now all those lashes have grown back I've been treating them by applying a tiny amount of Lanolips*, of course, this is marketed as a lip treatment for lanolin can be used for a number of ailments. Of course, you don't want to be massaging this into your eye so be careful upon application. Things like coconut oil and vaseline are said to work equally well if you don't have any lanolin to hand. 


Mascara isn't all that kind to your lashes, it can leave them dry, brittle and damaged. I'm a big advocate of makeup free days to let your whole complexion breathe and recuperate. As I've mentioned, I used to be a lash puller, quite a bad one too. Although it was tough to break this nasty habit it was so important. In reality, there is absolutely no reason to touch your lashes throughout the day. Even though it might sound and look silly if you find yourself wanting to touch or pull them then sit on your hands till the feelings gone or do something else. Being gentle with your eyes during the cleansing process is incredibly important for  lash health also. There are so many products out there that remove mascara and makeup effortlessly so you don't need to tug at them. 


Alongside giving your lashes some love to make them the best they possibly can be of course there is a bounty of beauty products that you can apply to enhance them. Here are some of my favourites; 

SHU UEMURA LASH CURLERS: Before I apply any eye products I always make sure I curl my lashes. Naturally they are quite sad and straight so they need a little bit of extra lift. I've been using the cult classic Shu Uemura lash curlers for years and they are still as good now as they were on day one. They fit my eye shape perfectly and capture all the lashes without pulling at them or making them feel strained. 

CHARLOTTE TILBURY AUDREY EYE PENCIL*: To help my lashes look fuller, I always like to tight line my upper lashes. The CT Audrey Pencil is a beautiful ashy brown which looks incredibly natural and flattering against the eye instead of creating a stark contrast. Tight lining is such an easy way to help your lashes look fuller, even if you don't plan on going overboard with your mascara application. 

MAYBELLINE LASH SENSATIONAL MASCARA: This is quickly becoming my favourite mascara, of all time. Every time I apply this it blows me away with how incredible it makes my lashes look and just how well it lasts throughout the day. It adds so much lift and separation to the lashes with only a few coats and it's so easy to remove. The best part of this mascara is, of course, the price, a mere £8 for a product that is far superior to most high-end options I've tried. 

Do you have tips for lash care?

R x

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