10 Daily Tote Bag Essentials

My love for the classic tote bag is something that is never ending. It's been a staple in my wardrobe for years and whilst I've dabbled in the world of smaller satchel style bags I think my heart will always belong to the tote. Even though I know they are terrible for my posture they are so easy to style and you can just throw in your items and run out the door. As I've recently acquired a new one it was the perfect time to round up 10 of my day to day tote bag essentials.

IPHONE 6: Even though I would love to say that my phone isn't my first essential, it is. Last year I upgraded to the iPhone 6 and it's one of the best purchases that I ever made, although hideously expensive it's something that I use so much on a daily basis so I've got more than my monies worth. A question I'm often asked is what camera I use for my Instagram photos and 95% of the time it's the iPhone camera, it's surprising just how much you can achieve with it. Sometimes I even use it for blog photographs, like in this post here & here

AND OTHER STORIES PURSE: A good purse can be hard to find but this envelope style from And Other Stories is great for those of us who have a few too many loyalty cards. It has separate card holders, a coin section and additional compartments for loose cards as well as room to slide a card holder in. Some might think the price is a little steep  but for the quality, I think it's a bargain. I've had it for over 18 months and there is absolutely no sign of wear or tear. 

RAY BAN CLUBMASTERS*: We're in the depths of winter now so the sun isn't out all that often but when it does come out it's blinding. My eyes are incredibly sensitive to bright light so I always like to make sure that I've got my sunglasses to hand. I love the classic Clubmaster style, I find them a little more of a statement than the wayfarers. The tortoiseshell finish is more flattering against my skin tone than the standard black too, so they even look great in winter when I'm at my fairest. 

PIXI MATTE LUSTRE LIP STICK*: I've only recently discovered the world of Pixi beauty after being a long time fan of their Glow Tonic. This lipstick in the shade Honey Bare is absolutely beautiful for day to day wear. It's a brown-based dusky pink which goes with whatever outfit or makeup look I've applied. It's incredibly nourishing on the lips that it almost feels like a balm, even though it's marketed as a demi-matte lipstick. Personally, I don't find the wear time to be too amazing but it wears evenly which is more important. 

FRESH SUGAR ORIGINAL LIP BALM: We all know how much of a fan I am of the tinted Fresh balms but it took me a while to try to the original. This is the perfect throw in your bag balm option as it has twist up packaging so it's hygienic and the lid screws on so that you don't have to worry about it falling off and the product becoming ruined. The quality of the balm itself is absolutely beautiful, it hydrates and eases any dryness within minutes of application. But, it isn't so slippy that you can't apply it underneath a more matte lip option. 

RADLEY PENCIL CASE: As much as I love tote bags they can be a minefield for finding smaller items. So I've been using this pencil case from Radley to house all my small belongings like lipstick and pens. If you constantly find yourself in a hot sweaty panic because you can't find your keys I can't recommend using a smaller bag inside a tote enough. 

HELLO BREATH SPRAY*: I've never been a girl whose carries around mints or gum so a breath spray is a good alternative. I can't say I'm knowledgeable with what is good and what's not but I've been really enjoying this product from Hello*. It's small enough to just fit into my bag without disturbing anything and the twist function means it won't accidentally spray on anything. Packaging aside it's a great little item to carry around to quickly freshen up, I've found it especially good when I've been struggling with mouth ulcers. It cools them down but it doesn't sting at all. 

CATH KIDSTON MIRROR: A good pocket mirror can be surprisingly tough to find but Cath Kidston have answered all my needs. They are super sturdy and well made so they don't come unclasped and become damaged and the glass quality is awesome. I realise those might sound like two incredibly dull points but they are important when it comes to travel compacts. 

LANOLIPS HAND OINTMENT*: For years, I carried around hand sanitizer and hand cream but since discovering this product from Lanolips it's cut down the need for both. This cream is antibacterial so it gets rid of any germs but it also nourishes your hands too so it cuts out the need to apply hand cream afterwards. You only need a small amount to make your hands feel fresh and clean and it's not greasy at all which is super important for an on the go hand product. 

PAPERCHASE 2016 DIARY: My obsession with stationery is no secret but this year I really struggled to find a diary that I loved. I went for an old classic from Paperchase, I've had this diary before so I knew it was great. I've started to carry it around with me on a daily basis as it's a day to a page so it's where I've been writing all of my to-do lists. The elastic around the middle means it doesn't fall open and the pages become ruined which is vital when you're taking something out and about. 

What are your daily essentials?

R x

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