6 Beauty Hits & Misses At The Moment


-this post contains gifted items-

I’ve been working some new beauty bits into my routine here and there for a while now. Gone are the days where I was trying something new nearly every other day, I’m much more precious about my skincare routine and there aren’t that many fresh beauty releases that come into my life. Which is a really good thing because I’m slowly working my way through everything I have which is exactly what I’m aiming for. Long gone are the days where I wanted a huge beauty collection. Now what I aim for is something so much more streamlined, it will never be a capsule beauty collection that’s for sure but I don't have 30 foundations anymore either, anyway here are my current beauty hits and misses.


lano all over multi-cream (gifted)

As the warmer weather has finally made it’s way to us that means that I’ve been sandals and moccasins more and after so long in boots and socks my feet certainly aren’t used to being so exposed to the big wide world. Which means they’ve become a quite dry and one of the best creams to help with any dryness is this one from Lano, it’s no frills or fuss...it just works. It’s a thick rich cream that sinks in quickly and this instantly helps take away from any soreness that dry heels can cause. This is a multi-use cream that you can use on any part of your body and if you’re particularly sensitive I would recommend looking into this as it’s unscented. Although, of course, if you are allergic to Lanolin then this won’t be suitable. If you're not though this could be a great addition to anyone's beauty routine.



For the days where I am wearing makeup and don’t fancy taking it off with Bioderma and just want to get it all with a flannel, this is the cleanser that I reach for. It’s such a good double cleanse system although I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I’m not crazy about the packaging that it comes with so I’m hoping that they revamp that going forward. It comes in two halves, one is a thick solid balm that melts down into an oil and the other side is a classic cream cleanser. I use the solid balm for my initial cleanse which gets about 85% of makeup off with ease, the first pot I had of this I found wasn’t amazing around my eyes but this one is absolutely fine. I then move onto the cream side for my second cleanse, it's still really good for getting any makeup remnants off and giving the skin a happy boost of moisture. What I love about this is that it removes absolutely everything but my complexion is not left aggravated in any way nor does it feel deprived of moisture. It doesn’t offer to do anything crazy but often that’s not what I need from my cleanser but it’s all too easy to get sucked into skincare with wild claims. When really all you need to do is take off your makeup and cleanse your skin thoroughly.




Right from the get-go I wasn’t crazy about this product, upon first application it smelled exactly like baby shampoo which isn’t a bad smell but it’s not one that I want on my face. Then the way this made my skin feel wasn’t the best, it didn’t feel dry but it didn’t feel hydrated at all which is strange considering it’s a hyaluronic acid serum. I didn’t feel an ounce of moisture from it, which isn’t usually the case as typically I get on really well with that moisture boosting ingredient but not thsi time. Not only did it not do anything for my skin in terms of moisture but the pipette dispenser made it incredibly difficult to get a good amount of product out. I only got a months use out of this as well which is nowhere near enough for a serum as I typically get 12 weeks from my usual options. I used it to the end as I hate to waste product but it certainly wasn’t enjoyable to use in the slightest.




Shampoo & conditioner isn’t something I’m terribly fussy with but I do like anything that can promise hydration and a small amount of lift as we all know how much I struggle with volume. First of all, the smell of this duo is absolutely incredible and perfect for the upcoming (hopefully) warmer months. It lathers up really nicely despite not containing any SLS which I always find is pretty rare, typically SLS free hair products aren’t my favourite for that reason as I don’t find them easy to work through the hair at all. This leaves my tresses feeling beautifully clean, hydrated and adds a touch of volume so if you’re after a good overall shampoo & conditioner duo that smells absolutely divine this one should be on your list to check out.


clarins hydra-essential moisturiser (gifted)

Not too long ago I was using the serum from this Clarins range and absolutely loved that so I was really looking forward to giving this a try. And it’s not like I don’t like this because I do think it’s nice and feels lovely upon application but I don’t find it as hydrating as it should be at all. This feels absolutely no different to a bog standard moisturiser but it’s marketed as something that is going to be super hydrating and I don’t find it to be the case at all. I’ve also found I seem to be getting through this at a rather rapid rate, which isn’t typical at all. In the past, I’ve always got on with Clarins skincare and like I said it’s not like it’s terrible but it’s just not what I thought it was going to be. And for the price, you can get far better products for a lot less.


CLARINS everlasting compact foundation (gifted)

Now onto a Clarins product that I absolutely love, I pulled this out of my collection after struggling to find a setting powder that matches my skin at the moment. When the warmer weather rolls around and I catch a tiny bit of sun then it can throw off all my bases but this one still works. This is a seriously pigmented powder so you could easily wear it alone in combination with a good concealer for minimal makeup days. But I like it in combination with a good medium coverage base on the areas where I tend to lose my base first so around my nose and on my chin. It sets makeup so beautifully, you can certainly see the added coverage but it never turns out looking like a cakey mess and it never looks dry either which you might expect from a fuller coverage powder. Shade wise, I will say that this is quite pink which I know isn’t something that works for everyone and to be the honest the shade range, in general, is very poor so not ideal in 2019 to only have multiple shades of beige. A brilliant product formula wise but it's so sad to see it only cater for a certain shade of skin.



what beauty products are you enjoying at the moment?