AM Routines That Are Making My Mornings Awesome Right Now


The hours before the majority of the world gets up and starts their day is my favourite time to be up and getting stuff done. And if I told my teenage self this news I’m sure she would be horrified and if I had the choice between getting up at 5am or 12pm then I’d pick 5am every single time. My morning routine is something I really treasure as not only do I think it’s integral to start the day off well. But it’s generally the only time I get somewhat to myself without having to worry about everything that I need to get done that day and these are 6 of the things that start my day off really well.



Technically, this isn’t a morning routine but something I always like to do in order to ensure my mornings go a little smoother is prep for the night before. It’s something that I’ve done since my school years and something that I always try and do now. Day to day for me it looks like always writing my to-do list the night before as then that sets me up well for knowing what my day is looking like before I go into it. When I do have a day where I might be going into London then I always make sure that I prepare everything that I need in my bag, my outfit and then anything else like train tickets, etc. It’s not something that takes long to do at all but it makes a huge difference, especially if you’d rather sleep in a little more and but still know that you’ve more than likely not forgotten something.


If I’m not applying any makeup or doing my hair for the day then it’s all too tempting to just skip my beauty routine altogether. Especially when the weather is foul but something that I’ve been really conscious of doing lately is washing my face as soon as I get up (apart from on gym days, then I do it as soon as I get home). Doing my skincare routine, of course, is not only good for my complexion but it also helps me feel truly ready for the day. And at the moment, it’s even more important to make sure that I am thoroughly on top of my routine as it’s when I’m applying the most SPF.

minimal social media

As much as I’d like to say that when I wake up I don’t scroll through social media but I absolutely do. However, limiting how much time I spend on social media has been so, so important. Typically I don’t spend a lot of time logged into my From Roses Instagram account as sometimes that space can be a bit overwhelming for me. However, my other account (@theadventuresofjosieandedie) is where I spend the majority of my time and I find that is somewhere that brings me so much joy and rarely any negative feelings come from it. And, really who doesn’t want to wake up to loads of adorable images of dogs? I find when I lay in bed just aimlessly scrolling it doesn’t always start my day off in the best way possible but a little bit is ok and because my phone is still in night mode with the brightness turned all the way down it’s pretty easy on the eyes.



For as long as I’ve been working out it’s always been something that I’ve done in the morning. If time doesn’t allow then I’ll happily go later on in the day but undoubtedly my favourite time to head to the gym is in the morning after I’ve had my breakfast, I’ve always found if I say I’ll go later then I never end up going. And I always have to make sure I eat before I go to the gym, I’ve tried doing it on an empty stomach but I feel so zapped of energy if I do that. My workout routine is pretty simple at the moment, I’m not doing anything crazy as I’ve still not got all my confidence back in the gym after leaving for over a year. So right now this is what I’m doing;

  • Couch to 5K training. I’m currently repeating week 4 until it feels a little easier and I built up stamina for running longer distances.

  • Light weight routine: squats, chest press and cable machines etc.

  • Foam rolling.

Ditching the CAFFEINE

You’ve probably seen me mention this in a few posts but a big thing for me this year was ditching my morning coffee. Don't get me wrong, I still drink and love coffee but it's something that I really wanted to cut out of my morning routine as when I really thought about why I was drinking it ultimately it came down to it being a habit rather than out of necessity. Now I save my caffeine boost until lunch time and I find that is way better for me as I certainly struggle with the afternoon slump. Something I really need to try and get into is decaf because I don’t always want a coffee for the energy boost but rather I love the taste and the routine of making a cup and savouring it which is something that I adore doing.


This is something that is very much a privilege and I know not something that many people can do. But, after years of generally having the same sleep pattern my body gets me up at a similar time each day and waking up without an alarm is such a nice way to start your day. I’m not against alarms at all because they’re necessary for so many people but they are such a harsh way to wake up. I know there is a lot of love for things like the Lumie Light for a much more gentle way to start your day. And if I did have to wake up to an alarm that is definitely what I’d prefer to use, although surely if you live with your significant other it would wake them up too? Whenever I do have to set an alarm even if it’s for the same time I tend to wake up naturally I find myself snoozing a ridiculous amount and that is never a good way to start your day so whenever it’s possible I don’t set an alarm and allow my body to wake up naturally.


what are your favourite AM routines?