Beauty Products That Don't Budge

We're supposedly getting into Spring in the UK, although I'm not sure I'm convinced as at the time of writing this I'm still bundled up in my thermals. So it's the season that we really need our makeup to stay around and in general, I want to be purchasing the beauty products that don't budge at all. Because there is nothing worse than working hard to create a stunning makeup look only for it to slide away moments later. So from nail polish to mascara here are the beauty products that I find really stay put. 


Even though the biggest thing when it comes to the beauty products that really stand the test of time is their formulation there are other factors that can change how a product behaves. Something I've found to be incredibly important is how you prep your skin and how you apply whatever you're using. Having a solid skincare routine regardless of what it consists of and allowing your products time to settle is something I've found to be key. It doesn't have to be a long and laborious routine that has 10+ items and more often than not the more simple a routine is the more effective it can be. As well as having a skincare routine that works for you the method that you use to apply your products is also important. Personally, I've always been a big fan of tools to apply my base in particular as in the past when I've used my hands I've found that it breaks down my base before it's even on my skin. It's very much a personal preference and of course, depends on your skin type too as if your skin is a little drier then it might work better with your fingers whereas if your complexion is a little more oily then you might be better with the likes of a brush or a beauty sponge.


LANCOME TEINT IDOLE ULTRA WEAR*: This is a new release from the brand and it boasts a whole 24 hours of wear. Which is something I'm not ever going to be able to attest to because I typically only keep my makeup on for max 8-10 hours. But for the time that this is on the skin it really stays and the finish is absolutely wonderful. It's a medium coverage base that is ever so slightly gel like which I find makes it easier to work over a traditional liquid even though it's marketed as a liquid I find it to have a little more wobble. Although it's a medium coverage base that can be built up to full coverage that's completely flawless it still maintains a very natural finish on the skin and the finish is a beautiful satin. As well as an impressive formula the shade range is absolutely incredible, a whopping 40 shades are out there so it's more than likely that you'll be able to find one that's perfect for you. 

CLINIQUE SUPER BALANCED SILK FOUNDATION*: Whilst I don't believe that Clinique bases have the most wonderful shade range and this one certainly has issues with its packaging they certainly know how to make a base that doesn't budge at all. Their Even Better foundation is one my favourites that I've shared my love for many times but recently I've been really enjoying the Super Balanced Silk. Not only is the base wonderful in terms of wear time but how it behaves on the skin is awesome, as the title suggests this is a balancing foundation so it works with your skin no matter the condition it's in. If you have more oily patches then it works to balance them out and if you have areas of your skin that might be a little drier or combination then it hydrates them and overall it creates an even finish on the skin. Although it's a nightmare that it doesn't have a pump it's worth the hassle.


BURBERRY EYESHADOW*: Does anyone else remember when this beautiful single pan eyeshadow took the blogging world by storm? Truthfully I never believed that it was ever going to be that good and they are of course very expensive but if you're only ever going to be using one shadow it's a great investment. It's such a beautiful powder that is so easy to work with and it lays beautifully on the lid and even without a primer it stays put all day without creasing. I have the shade Pale Barely which is taupey champagne that is simple enough to wear every day but still makes a somewhat smokey statement. 

MAC EYESHADOWS: I've spoken before about how much I love these shadows and why they're worth the hype they receive on many occasions. So I'll keep this simple but if you want a shadow that isn't horribly expensive that's a great formulation and stays put on the lid all day then I highly recommend MAC.

CHARLOTTE TILBURY COLOUR CHAMELEON EYESHADOW PENCIL*: If powder shadows aren't your thing and you want something that can be put on without a brush and scribbled all over the lid then a shadow stick is a safe bet. Not only are they incredibly easy to use but they adhere to the lid wonderfully but they stay put all day and really don't budge at all. But they're not uncomfortable on the lid at all and the CT options are so creamy and smooth. 

TOO FACED BETTER THAN SEX MASCARA*: We all know that I'm not a big believer that you need to spend a lot of money to get a great mascara. But the Too Faced Better Than Mascara is a really really good product for keeping the lashes looking exactly how you made them look when you first applied it. It gets a lot better when it dries out and the older it gets the more it holds the lashes all day. This fans out my lashes beautifully as well as adding volume and lift and even though this isn't the waterproof formulation it stays put and doesn't smudge up or flake away throughout the day. 


TARTE AMAZONIAN CLAY BLUSHERS: As blush is one my all time favourite beauty products to buy I've quickly figured out which ones last beautifully on my skin and which ones don't. A great all rounder brand I've found is Tarte, they're not too expensive and they have an extensive shade range. The Amazonian Clay Range, in general, is awesome at staying around on the skin all day and so many people attest to their 12-hour claims. Whilst they are incredibly long lasting they're not uncomfortable to wear and even the matte shades don't make the skin look flat at all. The only downside to these beauty products is that they're so pigmented that it's easy to go overboard.

MAYBELLINE 7 DAY STAY NAIL POLISHES: Whilst I love the likes of Essie and Sally Hansen but for a single polish they are a little pricey and for a little less money you can get a polish from Maybelline that behaves exactly the same on the nails. Of course, the range doesn't carry quite as many dreamy shades as the other brands but they really do stay on the nails. So if you're after some classic colours then this range is great, the brush is a dream to work with and the formula is creamy and opaque. 

ACQUA DI PARMA PEONIA NOBILE*: There are plenty of more budget buys when it comes to long lasting fragrance. But as we are approaching Spring I had to give a little nod to this absolutely stunning scent. Acqua Di Parma is a brand that screams high-end to me and they're incredibly luxe there is no denying that face. They have the most beautiful scent range as well as dreamy packaging and I adore the peony scent, it's floral without being overpowering or sickly. But it stays put beautifully on the skin and if you get any on your clothes or in your hair then you'll be able to smell it for days. 

What are your favourite beauty products that don't budge?

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