Beauty Rituals To Do This Sunday


Sunday is always my favourite day of the week for a plethora of reasons but one of my favourite things to do on a Sunday is a select few beauty rituals. So I thought I'd share them with you this Saturday just incase you're in need of some inspiration this weekend.



I try and use masks throughout the week but so often I end up running out of time or completely forget when I'm running around getting my to-do list ticked off. Depending on how much time I've got I usually like to do a triple threat facial which usually consists of something a little like this;

  • deep cleansing 
  • exfoliating/brightening 
  • moisturising 

The reason why I like to do 3 is when I've usually not had enough time during the week and my skin is looking pretty ropey. And of course it would be nice to do this relaxing on the sofa but to be honest I still usually have a pretty busy weekend so I like to pop one on when I'm cleaning the house or even when I'm sat at my desk. If I don't have the time to do a triple threat facial then I will always slather on something that is deep cleansing at least just to get everything that might be lurking in my pores out. 



Much to some peoples horror I only wash my hair every 5 days which works out about once a week. I always try and work my rotation in to include a Sunday at some point in the month and there is nothing better than going into a new week with freshly washed tresses. I've been switching up my hair washing products quite a lot recently as I was struggling with quite a lot of build up from texture sprays and hairspray. I'm currently using up the dregs of my Maria Nila Pure Volume Range* which is one my all time favourite volumising products. Usually, I'm pretty lazy and I only shampoo and condition but every other wash at the moment I'm using a hair mask. I'm currently using a lot more heat on my hair and even though I'm using oils and protectants it's still good to treat your tresses to an extra moisture boost every so often. I'm always asked how I go so long without washing as I am a regular exerciser and obviously sweat a fair bit. The simple answer is perseverance over the years and building your hair up gradually. As well as a good dry shampoo of course but the key is to build up your hair over time and it's quite literally a one day at a time thing.



If I don't have time to do any other beauty rituals on a Sunday I will sit down in an evening and do my nails. I've been a little slack recently with hand cream and my cuticle care and with the temperature dropping they're looking pretty dry. Usually, I can't be bothered to do the whole cuticle thing but it makes such a huge difference to not only how my manicure looks overall but how long they tend to last too. I've always loved the Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover, it dissolves everything away in seconds but doesn't leave the area sore or irritated which can sometimes be the case when you start messing around with them. I always make sure that I use a good base coat too, my nails are in ok-ish condition even though I regularly paint them and I think that is down to always using a base coat. I'm currently using Nail Kale by Nails Inc* which hydrates them beautifully. Much like starting the week with freshly washed hair there is something so good about having a great manicure to go into Monday with. It might seem silly to some but it really makes a huge difference in how I feel with my appearance overall.



As well as a hair wash something else I like to do is give my body a little bit of TLC. I try to moisturise every day but some times I do forget and then my limbs pay the price. I thought I was an active person before but now I have a little puppy in my life I'm on my feet so much my muscles are suffering. As well as making sure that I'm stretching/foam rolling like there is no tomorrow I'm being extra kind to my body with the bath products that I'm using. I spoke about the Jo Malone bath oil in Peony & Blush Suede* a few posts ago but I just had to give it another mention. A capful of this in my bath is absolutely heavenly as it not only softens the water but it fills the room with the most incredible scent. As well as a bath oil I'm such a sucker for having a good scrub at my body too with whatever exfoliant I have on the go [usually something from Soap & Glory]. Then shaving with the L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil* it hydrates the skin beautifully as well as giving it a good slip. To finish off my little body routine I always slather a thick body butter on to make sure my limbs are thoroughly hydrated, especially as the colder months are on the horizon it's so important to make sure skin is as nourished as possible. 


  • Meal plan
  • Wash my makeup brushes 
  • Put fresh sheets on the bed 
  • Go for a super long walk with Josie 
  • Read
  • Catch up with tv from the week. 
  • Prep my work load. 
  • Write a good to-do list. 

What are your favourite things to-do on a Sunday? 

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty