Small Things To Appreciate This September


We all probably know that I'm a total summer baby and I don't share the same love for the latter half of the year. But September is a month that I absolutely adore, it always feels like a fresh start and a chance to leave things in the past. As I know I tend to struggle when the A/W months start to roll around I thought I'd round up all the small things to appreciate in the cooler seasons that do make them kind of awesome. 


Whether you go on a summer holiday or not and stay at your desk all summer the warmer months can still feel a little odd when it comes productivity. Spring is a season that I love for getting my to-do list ticked off but summer is always a little weird, it's probably years of summer vacations engrained into us. As well as September feeling like a fresh start it also feels like the time everyone starts to get back into the swing of things and I absolutely love it. And of course, you get to use all the new stationery and start a new diary which is one of the best feelings around.


Summer is a time that my diet tends to be ruled by whatever salad I can concoct with the veg left in my fridge and I love that. But when it comes to the cooler months I always start to eat a lot more comfort food because when you've been out in the cold all day there is nothing better than soup with some fresh crusty bread or a big hearty pasta dish. I've been thinking a lot about comfort food lately and what it means to all of us and I think I might do a post on that soon including some of my favourites.



Whilst I might adore the warm weather during the day and being able to frolick around in all my pretty summer dresses. I can't say I feel the same at night when it's still so balmy and it's impossible to sleep as you're stuck to the sheets. Being able to climb into bed, settle down properly and actually enjoy being cocooned in your sheets is without a doubt one of the best things about the cooler seasons. As well as being able to use flannelette bedding which is just absolutely heavenly. 


Like I said, I really love summer but when it comes to photographing in summer it can be kind of a pain. The sun obviously helps but sometimes it throws a strange cast all over your images and a bright blue sky in landscapes is never my favourite. I love autumn for all the colours and tones that come into play and the general light [when it's not pouring it down with rain] it's so much nicer to photograph in. Summer is incredible for maintaining a white & airy aesthetic but when it comes to still life you can still maintain this with the use of a tripod and a remote.


It's such an obvious thing to discuss when the seasons start to change but I can't deny that I adore switching things up. Summer dressing is so simple and easy but the colder seasons require a little more thought, well they do for me anyway. Reaching for the deeper tones in my wardrobe as well as things I've not been able to reach for in months is always something I love as it's like having the thrill of going shopping without having to spend any money. 


You know the end of summer is coming when The Great British Bake Off returns and even though I'm pretty upset about it not being on the BBC anymore it's still wonderful and still evokes the same emotion in me. As well as GBBO gracing our screens once again all my favourite shows return like Grey's Anatomy, American Horror Story and The Walking Dead. As well as all the good shows coming back it's the perfect time to get stuck into a new show too.


Autumn/Winter is the season of the berry lip, cheek and nails for sure but that's not what excites me about the season when it comes to my beauty routine. I'm so excited to be able to reach for anything and everything in my beauty stash without having to give much thought about the products that I'm going to be wearing as they won't be sliding away. And I'm way more prone to wearing makeup in the cooler months too as I get far too lazy in summer and go barefaced most of the time.


What are you excited for this September?

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