Beauty & Style Items That Work Every Time

A more accurate title to this post would be beauty and style items that work when you're half asleep and have no energy to think of anything else to wear and use. As much as I love rifling through my beauty stash and trying to piece together awesome outfits sometimes having those items that work every time without fail is key and here are my favourites. 


CLINIQUE EVEN BETTER FOUNDATION:  Even though this foundation doesn't match my super pale skin all year around it's a base that I absolutely adore. No matter what the condition of my complexion. It just works, whether it's more oily or I'm struggling with dry patches it glides over everything beautifully. The coverage of this foundation is absolutely perfect it's not too heavy but it covers everything you want it to. It blends like a complete dream and you never have to buff and blend for hours to achieve a natural finish. And for areas that do need a little more coverage, it's so easy to build up and it never looks heavy or cakey. As well as the awesome formulation and coverage the lasting power of this foundation is incredible. It stays put even on the warmest days [28 degrees running around London for visas] and even without primer and powder, it doesn't slide off or just wear away. 

FRESH SUGAR LIP BALM IN PETAL: Do I even need to tell you why this product has been included in this post? I highly doubt it with the amount I prattle on about the Fresh lip balms but they're such reliable products. The formulation of these balms is truly wonderful as they inject so much moisture to lips and they glide on with ease and of course, the screw top packaging makes it so handy to travel around with. My favourite shade from the line is Petal as it instantly adds a warm toned pink tone the lips whilst perfecting and filling out your natural lip shape without the need for overdrawing. No matter what kind of makeup look I'm wearing I know this will work and be such a pretty addition to the look. 

CHARLOTTE TILBURY COLOUR CHAMELEON EYESHADOW STICK*: It's no secret that I'm an absolute sucker for a champagne eye and this shadow stick from Charlotte Tilbury encapsulates that perfectly. It's such an awesome product to have in your stash because you don't need to be precise, just simply scribble on and blend out with either your finger or a brush. These pencils add so much more interest and pizazz to any eye look you might be wearing and increases wear time ten fold. They have some serious lasting powder and even at the end of a long day, they're still clinging onto the eye. 

JO MALONE PEONY & BLUSH SUEDE: For a long time, Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay was my go to when it came to fragrance. And whilst I do absolutely adore that scent I think Peony & Blush Suede might over have overtaken it slightly. I love the fresh sharp twang this scent has it's almost fizzy like champagne as well as having a slightly muskier edge also. Even though it's typically a perfume that's more suited to the Spring/Summer months I still love to wear this in the cooler months and in combination with the classic Blackberry & Bay it's the perfect mix. 


What outfit and beauty items do you rely on?

R x

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