Say Hello To The From Roses Stock Shop

A couple of weeks ago I announced that I was going to be launching my own stock photography bundle store. And today is the day that the store finally launches and I'm incredibly excited to share with you what I've been working on and I hope you'll love the store as much as I do. 


The thought of creating something to do with stock photography is something I've been contemplating since my college days. Which is nearly 10 years ago [that's a terrifying realisation]. And it's always been a niggling little thought in the back of my mind. This is the year I knew I felt ready to branch out and do something different with my blog and offer something more. And after blogging and creating content for over 5 years I understand just how important strong visuals are and how they can completely change your online presence. There isn't a day go by that I don't hear somebody talking about how much they struggle with their images. Or that they don't have time to take photos for their content but they can write the posts in spare pockets of time. I can completely understand those struggles and frustrations as taking awesome photographs that will entice people into reading your content isn't as easy as people like to believe. And those are the biggest reasons why I created the stock shop.   

What is in store?

How the stock shop will function is that I will create cohesive photography bundles that all go under a certain theme. The first bundle is the Floral & Wilderness Bundle and upcoming packs are the A/W bundle and the Productivity & Lifestyle bundle. Each will contain 20 [sometimes more] images that will help you create a consistent aesthetic and strong visual presence online. 


The techy stuff & pricing

  • All of the images in the stock shop have been taken on a DSLR, in RAW format and edited in Photoshop CS6. When downloaded all images are 1000x1500px and in jpg format. 
  • Bundles contain a strong mix of portrait & landscape images. 
  • You can manipulate them in any way you'd like. 
  • The bundles will be priced at £30 and they will contain 20 images or more which equates to around £1.50 or less per image. 
  • The download link that you will retrieve once purchased only lasts 24 hours so make sure you download it within that time frame. 
  • Once purchased these images are yours to keep forever, they're royalty-free and can be used for anything like your; blog content, newsletter, e-book, social media channels, online business, infographics, online store or any other form of digital media.
  • However, these images cannot be used for resale or commercial use but if you want to use them in this way then please contact me at 
  • When using the images from my store you have no obligation to credit me but it would be awesome if you were kind enough to share the love. 

Why use the stock shop? 

The biggest reason why stock images are used is that people simply don't have the time to create their own images, don't have the equipment or just really don't enjoy taking photographs at all. Which is completely understandable as we all know it can be a complex process. And of course, there are so many factors to take into consideration when it comes to creating awesome images. I truly believe no matter what we do online we all want and crave those strong aesthetics as that is what always attracts our audience and then the awesome content keeps them coming back but having that initial hook is key. The biggest reason why I created the image bundles over selling single photographs is to help maintain that strong image aesthetic across the board and create a cohesive brand for whatever you do online. 

How to use the images

Text overlay using free editing programme PicMonkey

There are so many ways that you can use these images to help enhance your awesome online work and here are some of my favourites and how I personally use my own stash of stock images and incorporate them into my online work. 

Who is the store for?

The store is for everybody! Whatever you do online these images could work so well for you. But if you have any queries at all then please e-mail me at

Take a look around the stock shop here

Bundle #1;

The Floral & Wilderness Bundle

So after all that jargon it's finally time to share the first bundle launching into the store. If you're familiar with my blog or anything that I do online then you will know just how I love to photograph flowers and general wilderness. Whilst I might adore beautiful cityscapes I'm a total country girl at heart and photographing my surrounding areas makes my heart sing. There is so much beauty to be found that going on a walk with me is a total nightmare as you can often lose me to a pretty plant for an hour or two. 

The first bundle is going to be a little different to the others I'm releasing. Instead of 20 images there is going to be a whopping 35 photographs for you to use. I wanted to create something super special for the launch and I think the floral & wilderness bundle captures that perfectly. To buy the bundle it's super simple, just add it to your cart, preview the bundle and go through the payment system and you'll be shown a link that will last for 24 hours to download the zip file. The shop only supports card payments right now but if you want to purchase through PayPal please e-mail me at 

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& A final thank you

I couldn't write this post without saying a huge thank you to everyone who has shown support and signed up my newsletter already. And of course a general thank you to everyone who chooses to support my blog on a daily basis. It never goes unnoticed or appreciated and there aren't enough words that I could ever say to show how much I truly love this online space I have and how awesome you guys make it for me on a daily basis.  

R x