Beauty That Doesn't Transfer Onto Everything That Your Face Touches


Every beauty lover in the world knows the pain of applying a beautiful face of makeup that you've put on with precision and care only to realise that you can't touch anything with your face. Not your boyfriend's t-shirt, your dog, your phone, your clothes without your freshly applied face making its mark everywhere. And this is always something that I noticed whenever I'd been on the phone and left a big smear of foundation all over it but ever since I started wearing glasses full time it's something I noticed even more and so began my mission to find a way to stop my makeup from transferring onto everything I touch and here are the things that I've found to really help.



Whether or not you're bothered about your makeup transferring something I believe to be integral for a good base is how you prep your skin for any products you might apply afterward. My first step is always by using a great cleanser and properly washing my face if you can't be bothered you can get away with a wipe for a micellar water but nothing beats a real cleanse with a flannel for me. The flannel gives a slight exfoliation getting rid of any dead skin that might be hanging around and cause your base to look uneven and patchy. Of course then going in with nourishing and balancing products as a follow-up after cleansing is also key. 

As well as a good prep routine I'm also a stickler for a primer and I've found that when I really don't want my base on anything else but on my face I reach for something balancing or mattifying rather than hydrating. I've been trialing a new primer lately, the Ren Perfect Canvas* and it's not hard to see why this has received so much hype online. This unique priming product is a serum and primer in one and it contains healthy probiotics and hyaluronans [this turns into hyaluronic acid once on the skin] which are two things I know my skin absolutely adores.


Alongside the skin care benefits, it also preps the skin ready for any makeup although can be worn alone for a more polished no makeup day look. You use this on top of your moisturiser and it creates a soft focus smooth matte finish. I don't think this is something that would work on dry skin as when you apply it you can definitely feel it having that mattifying effect on the skin. But it's unlike any other mattifying product I've ever used, it doesn't feel tight or dry and it left my complexion feeling plump and smooth. As well as the skin care benefits and priming effects something else that makes this product so covetable is the fact it's silicone free. You will know when you've used a primer laden in silicones that it feels absolutely horrible on the skin.



As much as I love glow-inducing bases I can't say they're the best for hanging around on the skin. And the same goes for really full coverage bases, they tend to transfer pretty badly. I've always found that if you're careful with your primer option then you can be a little more forgiving with your base choice but in general, it's best to go for something that a little more skin like and most importantly work in thin layers.

It was the incredible Lisa Eldridge who taught me all about the wonder of layers when it came to beauty. I'm sure that we've all been guilty of putting on thick heavy layers of makeup when there are things that we want to conceal but it never stays on nor does it ever look that nice. Working in thin layers and building up the coverage as you go is something that works beautifully and always stays on the complexion way better. 


Part of stopping your beauty products from transferring does mean that you probably do need something that is going to set your base down. And if you're a lover of the glow the last thing you want to do is lose that and become matte and flat. But powders have come along way from what they used to be, long gone are are the days where you would apply powder you would immediately lose any luminosity and your complexion would feel heavy because the powders are laden with talc. I've always been a big fan of setting my makeup but I'm not into the matte look so I've explored the depths of the world of the illuminating powder. And they're so good for bridging the gap between keeping everything in place and on your face as well as keeping the skin looking fresh.



  • REN PERFECT CANVAS PRIMER*: As I mentioned earlier this is the primer that I've been reaching for lately and it really helps my base to stay put all day without feeling matte or drying. A more affordable option to this could be The Body Shop Tea Tree Primer. It has different skincare benefits to it but still works beautifully on the skin. 
  • TARTE RAINFOREST OF THE SEA FOUNDATION*: A lightweight base that offers brilliant coverage and has a very much skin like finish. If you hate the feeling of foundation on the skin then this is one to reach for as it still has the same amount of coverage as a typical medium base. Tarte foundations, in general, are absolutely brilliant and for a full coverage option, I adore the Amazonian Clay Foundation. 
  • MAC MINERALIZE SKIN FINISH POWDERS: Whether you go for the natural or the original skin finishes these are fantastic powders. I love the natural version for adding a touch more coverage to my base as well as setting everything into the place. And I use the shade Lightscapade for when I want something a little more illuminating as it leaves a beautiful soft focus finish on the skin. 
  • TARTE AMAZONIAN CLAY BLUSHES: Whenever I'm in doubt of what blush to wear I know I can rely on these truly beautiful powders. They have superb wear time and they're always the last thing to wear away from my complexion. They never transfer or wear unevenly and even though they're a matte they never make your makeup look dull or heavy. 
  • TOO FACED SHADOW INSURANCE: For years I struggled with my eyeshadow going absolutely everywhere. Using cheap shadows was the main culprit but not priming my lids properly certainly didn't help that either. Enter the TF Shadow Insurance a product that creates a smooth even base and makes sure your shadow properly adheres to your lid. 
  • TOO FACED BETTER THAN SEX MASCARA*: As well as my shadow ending up all over my face something else I always used to struggle with was my mascara smudging all over my lid. The TF Better Than Sex Mascara is absolutely fantastic for giving a really beautiful voluminous, fanned out look. A cheaper alternative that doesn't budge is the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara. 

Do you have any tips for stopping your makeup from transferring? 

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